Sep 09 2016

Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures: a strange and peculiar phenomenon. Why the need measure and compare your musical taste to others think? However, the temptation is too big, even for me: a top 10…

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Aug 24 2016

Paisley Park Museum – City Of Chanhassen

Paisley Park Museum – City Of Chanhassen

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Aug 18 2016

30 years ago, the best show I ever witnessed

1986 was an important year. I turned 20 years old, moved to Amsterdam into a (spaceous) flat. I bought my first cd-player and on August 18th I went to a concert that would resound for years to come: Prince & The Revolution at Ahoy Rotterdam.

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Jul 29 2016

Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage still up to date

How an album from 1979 unfortunately sadly gains actuality. Via the Iranian revolution to the current day and time.

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Jul 08 2016

The greatest albumcovers

The greatest albumcovers, plus covers selected by visitors. Nice viewing!

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Jun 30 2016

Prince concert index

Prince concert index: all Prince shows I witnessed in one list!

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Jun 22 2016

Prince, the closing

The closing of my Prince tribute. What is the best? What is het worst? An analysis.

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Jun 07 2016

Prince Day – State of Minnesota Proclamation

State of Minnesota Proclamation: June 7th, 2016: Prince Day!

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May 14 2016

Prince satellites, top 10

Prince’s muse was so enormous; he didn’t just release his music using his own name, but also used multiple pseudonyms. He also gave away a lot. A selection.

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May 07 2016

Prince, top 50, numbers 10 to 1

On April 21st 2016 Prince passed away, one of the greatest geniuses on the history of (pop)music. Top 50 best songs: 10 to 1.

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