Jun 30 2016

Prince concert index

Final overview

With the passing of Prince a beautiful range of concerts I witnessed comes to an end. The counter stops at 41. A nice number of course, but it’s a shame I will never make it to 50 (or 60).

I give you my Prince concert index.

All the URL’s link to my Dutch A Pop Life page. Commentaries within those links are, therefore, in Dutch.


Parade Tour (princevault.com)

Sign 'O' The Times Tour (princevault.com)

Lovesexy Tour (princevault.com)

Nude Tour (princevault.com)

Diamonds And Pearls Tour (princevault.com)

Act II Tour (princevault.com)

Ultimate Live Experience Tour (princevault.com)

New Power Soul Tour (princevault.com)

New Power Soul Festival Tour (princevault.com)

One Nite Alone... Tour (princevault.com)

20Ten Tour (princevault.com)

Live 2010 Tour (princevault.com)

Welcome 2 America Euro Tour (princevault.com)

2013 Prince Paradiso

Hit And Run Part II Tour (princevault.com)