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George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 112/26/2016George Michael's Listen Without Prejudice is het highlight in man's body of work: a beautiful album with great songs that showed that Michael was to be taken seriously: a tribute.
A Christmas Gift For You12/21/2016Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift For You is widely regarded as the world's best Christmas album of all time. Do I agree?
D’Angelo – Black Messiah12/15/2016D'Angelo's Black Messiah was suddenly released two years ago. After 15 years of waiting finally a successor to the genius Voodoo! Could D'Angelo fulfill the sky-high expectations?
The best debut albums12/10/2016The best debut albums of all times. Making your debut with a world renowned album is rare. But is it a curse or a blessing?
The evening of Sinterklaas Day 1976 & ABBA’s Dancing Queen12/05/2016The evening of Sinterklaas Day 1976 and the embarrassing events before. Also a tribute to ABBA's fantastic song (and single) Dancing Queen!
David Bowie Is exhibit12/25/2015Beautiful exhibit, with lots of nice and special items (Synthi synthesizer!). Had a great afternoon in Groningen with Rachid.