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Welcome to my blog. In 2016 I wrote my first stories on my favorite albums. Due to the many, nice and positive feedback and comments I started this blog, A Pop Life subtitled My life with music.

What can you expect? Stories about music which I think is nice, beautiful of moving, reviews, concert reports and much more. I get very happy whenever I receive comments, whether through one of the social media channels or by using the comment form on this site. I love to hear from my readers!

For now, have very much (reading) fun!
Erwin Barendregt


Joni Mitchell impresses deeply with Blue

In 1971 Joni Mitchell released her beautiful, moving and (painfully) honest album Blue. A masterpiece that is still held in high esteem to this very day.

The Smiths release their third masterpiece: The Queen Is Dead

In 1986 The Smiths released their third masterpiece. The story of the difficult road to The Queen Is Dead.

The 10 best Janet Jackson singles

As a tribute to one the most successful artists of all time, a compilation of the best Janet Jackson singles.

The Gladiators – Trenchtown Mix Up

In 1976 many reggae classic were released. One of them was the debut album Trenchtown Mix Up by The Gladiators. The complete story.

Miles Davis – An introduction

As a tribute to the greatest jazz musician that has ever lived, the 10 best/most highly recommended albums by Miles Davis.


Prince – Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe Edition

The long expected re-release of Prince's great 1987 album Sign O' The Times. A review of an impressive release. In one word? Crucial!

Neil Young – Homegrown

Another great release in Neil Young's ongoing Archives series, the previously unreleased 1975 album Homegrown. An impressive piece of music history.

Run The Jewels – RTJ4: tribute to victims, protestors and activists

The release of RTJ4 came earlier than planned. A great move, because this album is very much needed. The shocking events in the US need perspective. Run The Jewels provide that in an impressive way!


In 1999 BowieNet members received the first Bowie internet CD, in part compiled by members themselves. In 2020 it was made available for everybody to enjoy and listen to!


Altın Gün & Metropole Orkest

2½/5: The cooperation with the Metropole Orkest and the special ambiance couldn't inspire the band. Too bad.

U.K. Subs

3½/5: Very entertaining show by U.K. Subs, who raced through their set within an hour. Great evening!

Fırat Tanış

4/5: A great closer of the concert year 2019. A beautiful story by Fırat Tanış accompanied by beautiful songs performed at a very high level.

News items

News: Sault – NINE

On June 25th, 2021, the album album NINE by the mysterious English collective Sault will be made available. A release to look forward to!

News: Welcome 2 America | Unreleased Studio Vault Album

On July 30th, 2021, the Prince album Welcome 2 America will be released. It was originally compiled in 2010. The Deluxe version comes with a Blu-Ray containing live recordings from 2011!


Album yearlist 2020

Album yearlist 2020

Album decade list 2010-2019

Album decade list 2010-2019