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The Huffington Post

On December 29th, 2017, an article on my blog appeared on The Huffington Post. I was interviewed by Aisha K. Staggers, writer. Her findings were published under the title A Pop Life: The Music of Black America from Outside of America, One Blogger’s View. A very proud moment for me and my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Here I will regularly share stories about music and in particular music that has meant (or still does mean) a great deal to me. These can entail stories, memories, reviews, descriptions, etc. The only condition I have set for myself is that I own the music which I write about.

The primary categories for my stories are Posts and Reviews. On my primary blog (the Dutch version) I added all the concerts I have seen (as far as I know the exact date) as Concerten. These pages are in Dutch. I also added all my (yearly/decade) lists as Lijsten.

If you like some posts/reviews, I would very much like it for you to let me know. At the bottom of every post/review you can leave comments. Comments placed on the Facebook-page will be incorporated on this blog.

Through Contact I’d love to hear about (shared) memories. Maybe it leads to another story.

Erwin Barendregt 

Prince live 1995 (pitchfork.com)

At long last Prince’s The Gold Experience is released!

Finally, The Gold Experience, Prince’s love child sees the light of day. The complete story about an album that sparked controversy. Was it worth it?

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Prince - The Gold Experience reviews (apoplife.nl)

Prince – The Gold Experience – The reviews

How was The Gold Experience received by the press? Pretty mixed it seems. Read the collection of international reviews here on A Pop Life!

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Prince - The Gold Experience - Press & Interviews (apoplife.nl)

Prince – The Gold Experience – Press & interviews

Before the release of The Gold Experience, O(+> had a lot to say and held a number of interviews. The press also tried feverishly to make sense of it all. An overview.

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Neil Young - After The Gold Rush - Inner sleeve (snapgalleries.com)

Neil Young’s first masterpiece, After The Gold Rush!

In 1970 Neil Young was part of a world famous quartet and released his third solo album, the masterpiece After The Gold Rush. The story behind the album.

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The Waterboys 1985 (facebook.com)

The end of The Waterboys’ ‘big music’ trilogy: This Is The Sea

In 1985 The Waterboys released their third album, This Is The Sea. The album was supposed to deliver on the promise the band had made. Did they succeed?

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Kiss - Alive! outtake (fanpop.com)

Kiss makes it big time with Alive!

Early 1975 Kiss and Casablanca had their backs against the wall. Bankruptcy was just around the corner. The band took their last chance with both hands. The gamble paid off, Alive! became a huge success and the band’s career was saved. The story of a double live album that changed everything.

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Bob Dylan goes electric at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 (billboard.com)

Bob Dylan – The 10 best albums

Finally, an overview of Bob Dylan’s best albums. Even though I don’t listen to him very often, Dylan is and always will be required listening for every music lover. His best 10!

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Prince - Graffiti Bridge - Steven Parke painting (icollector.com)

Prince and the failed movie adventure, the story of Graffiti Bridge

In 1990 Prince released Graffiti Bridge, the album and the movie. Billed as a sequel to Purple Rain, the movie was a huge failure. The music was fine though. A look back!

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Graffiti Bridge - Movie opening sequence (fthismovie.net)

Prince – Theatrical trailer for the movie Graffiti Bridge

This article contains the trailer for the movie Graffiti Bridge. The trailer was made for movie theaters all around the world.

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Prince - Graffiti Bridge - Reviews (apoplife.nl)

Prince – Graffiti Bridge – The reviews

A vast collection of reviews for Prince’s Graffiti Bridge, the album and the movie. The press was fairly postive on the album, but destroyed the movie.

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