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A Pop Life (Erwin Barendregt)
Erwin Barendregt, owner of A Pop Life (.nl) blog. Subtitle My life with music show the reason behind blog-subjects. Personal stories and preferences are the main subject for the posts and reviews on this blog. Erwin is a passionate musiclover and can frequently be found in concert venues in Holland, and is a person who lacks the stamina/talent to be a musician himself :-).
A Pop Life Panel
The A Pop Life Panel consists of a varying number of persons, dedicated to bringing you articles backed by multiple Prince afficianados. And yes, the articles are about Prince.
Aisha K. Staggers
American author. Lover of music. Known from Booktrib, The Huffington Post and medium's Behind The Groove.
Edward Gubbels
Massive Prince fan since 1981's Controversy. Living in Amsterdam. Favourite cat# 925677.
Timur Barendregt Ates
Already legendary guest-author of A Pop Life, son of and great story teller! Will hopefully contribute on a regular basis to this blog.