Erwin Barendregt

On the March 14th 2016 I turned 50 years old.

That made me write about my favourite music over the last 50 years. i compiled my top 50 albums of all time and shared that on Facebook and mixed that with (background) information and personal stories.

The many/nice/enthusiastic reactions to that, coupled with my own pleasure in writing them, made me decide to do this more often. 

When op April 21st 2016 Prince died and my anecdotes were expanded with my Prince stories, the number of stories became too much and it became clear (to me anyway) that Facebook wasn’t the ultimate way of sharing my stories (apart from the fact that many users don’t use Facebook). Zühâl inspired me to start this blog. From now on this will be my first publication channel.

Every story, every memory, review, etc. will come from a personal angle. I hope some of you like it!

Why English then?
Well, one of my stories (30 years ago, the best show I ever witnessed) circulated on Facebook and picked up (very) fast and I decided to translate it into English for those who wanted it. After that my post share and like numbers went through the roof. It was nice to notice that my story touched a great many people, so I decided to make my blog bilingual. So whenever you read clumsy English, please be advised that English isn’t my native tongue and please contact me so I can correct any errors.

For now: thanks for the attention and I wish you many minutes/hours of reading bliss and/or agony. For, apart from Prince ;-), taste in music is subjective.

Erwin Barendregt



For those who are interested, my timelime from 1966 to my 50th birthday. What (at the time new) music did I play (or hear) in what year? A lot of music I discovered years later…

Timeline Erwin 1966-2016 (apoplife.nl)

Timeline Erwin 1966-2016