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Erwin Barendregt, owner of A Pop Life (.nl) blog. Subtitle My life with music show the reason behind blog-subjects. Personal stories and preferences are the main subject for the posts and reviews on this blog. Erwin is a passionate musiclover and can frequently be found in concert venues in Holland, and is a person who lacks the stamina/talent to be a musician himself :-).

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1984 is 40 years ago: 40 singles that gave the year its color

I love 1984 - Header (

1984 is already 40 years old. A great occasion for compiling a list of 40 singles that helped shape that year!

Disco Demolition Night

DJ Steve Dahl at the dumpster during Disco Demolition Night (

On July 12, 1979. Disco Demolition Night took place. A promotional stunt or a racist, homophobic expression of white resentment?

Music For The Jilted Generation, the masterpiece by The Prodigy

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation - Featured image (

In 1994 The Prodigy released their second and highly influential album Music For The Jilted Generation. The story of a true masterpiece!

Live Killers, goodbye to my childhood heroes Queen

Queen - Live Killers - Featured image (

In 1979 Queen released their first live album. Live Killers was the end of the line for me, the goodbye to my first musical heroes!

The Special AKA and the 1984 swan song, In The Studio

The Special AKA - Featured image (

In 1984 The Special AKA released the album In The Studio. Despite the global hit Nelson Mandela the album wasn’t successful. A look back.

The Glamorous Life, the complete Sheila E. – Prince story

Prince & Sheila E., The Ritz - New York - 09/13/1984 (

In 1984 Sheila E. released her debut The Glamorous Life. It would be the start of a years’ long conjunction with Prince. A look back.

My very last Prince show ever was an unrivalled highlight!

Prince in Antwerp 05/27/2014 (

On May 27, 2014, I witnessed my last ever Prince concert. It was one of the best shows I ever saw him play!

Prince and Mavis Staples, friendship and beautiful music

Prince and Mavis Staples - July 27, 1988 (

In 1987 Mavis Staples signed a deal with Paisley Park Records. It resulted in two beautiful albums, on which Prince spent a lot of his time and attention. A look back on a unique friendship.

When Doves Cry: the best song of all time turns 40

Prince And The Revolution - When Doves Cry (single and maxi-single) (

On May 16, 1984 When Doves Cry was released. The first single of the upcoming Purple Rain album (and movie). Prince’s genius was about to conquer the world.

G. Love And Special Sauce

G. Love And Special Sauce - G. Love And Special Sauce (

In 1994 G. Love And Special Sauce made their debut, creators of The Hip-Hop Blues, a mix of Delta blues, hip hop, rock & roll soul and funk.

Sly And The Family Stone’s breakthrough album Stand!

Sly And The Family Stone - Stand! - Featured Image (

In 1969 Sly And The Family Stone finally hit the big time with the release of their fourth album, Stand! and an unforgettable performance at Woodstock!

Ohio Players and the start of the platinum trilogy: Skin Tight

Ohio Players - Skin Tight - Featured Image (

In 1974 the Ohio Players released part 1 of their ‘platinum’ trilogy, the unsurpassed Skin Tight, a funk classic!

Hole – Live Through This

Hole - Live Through This (

In 1994 Hole released their second album. Was Live Through This overshadowed by Courtney Love’s private troubles?

1-2-3-4! The Ramones and the It’s Alive story

Ramones - Live 12/31/1977 (

1-2-3-4! The Ramones and the It’s Alive story, one of the best live albums ever. The ultimate Ramones album?

Frank Zappa, Apostrophe (‘) and the Yellow Snow suite

Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (') - Featured Image (

In 1974 Frank Zappa released his most commercially successful album ever, Apostrophe (‘). Songs about yellow snow, an Eskimo and racism.