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Erwin Barendregt, owner of A Pop Life (.nl) blog. Subtitle My life with music show the reason behind blog-subjects. Personal stories and preferences are the main subject for the posts and reviews on this blog. Erwin is a passionate musiclover and can frequently be found in concert venues in Holland, and is a person who lacks the stamina/talent to be a musician himself :-).

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Devo’s third (and best?) album, Freedom Of Choice

Devo - Freedom Of Choice - Poster (

In 1980 Devo released their third album. Freedom Of Choice saw the band taking a new turn which obviously connected to people. It was to be the band’s biggest succes, one that unfortunately wouldn’t be replicated.

Prince – The 15 best B-sides!

Prince - 15 Best B-sides - Header (

This time the A Pop Life panel pondered the question which Prince B-side was the best of them all. Bram, Edward, Erwin, Herman, Leon, Rick en Vincent went to work and came up with the ultimate list!

Linton Kwesi Johnson’s masterpiece Bass Culture

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture (

Linton Kwesi Johnson’s third album Bass Culture appeared in 1980. An impressive and rather depressing report on immigrant life in England. Read the complete story!

The Cure surprises with the sublime Seventeen Seconds

The Cure - A Forest (7 en 12 inch) (

In 1980 The Cure released their second album, Seventeen Seconds, the real beginning. The story behind the album and its subsequrent tour.

Prince creates psychedelic funk on Around The World In A Day

Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day - Album cover print proof (

In 1985 Prince released the impressive Around The World In A Day. The complete story on an album that above everything else should not be Purple Rain Part II.

Prince – Around The World In A Day – The reviews

Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day reviews (

Five contemporary reviews of Prince’s seventh album Around The World In A Day, which was released on April 22nd, 1985. Mixed reviews on a superb album.

Prince – The MTV interview

Prince - Interview MTV 1985 (

At the end of 1985 MTV aired the first ever video interview with Prince. The pre-selected questions were asked by his manager Steve Fargnoli. The question remains whether or not Prince made the right decision in releasing this interview.

Prince tries to control the damage: the big 1985 Rolling Stone interview

Prince - Rolling Stone Interview 1985 (

In 1985 Prince started to receive a lot of bad press. Next to writing songs about it, why shouldn’t he tell his side of things? And so he did. The story behind the 1985 Rolling Stone interview.

Prince – The spaghetti controversy!

Prince - Spaghetti commercial (

In 1985 Prince the pasta company aired a commercial that played into the Purple Rain mania surrounding Prince. His management was not amused. Prince thought it was funny.

Romanthony – R.Hide In Plain Site

Romanthony - R.Hide In Plain Site (

The story on the album R.Hide In Plain Site by Romanthony. A look back and tribute to the career of the original dance producer Romanthony, that was tragically cut short.

And yet another Public Enemy hip-hop classic, Fear Of A Black Planet

Public Enemy 1990 (

The road to Public Enemy’s third album was a rocky one. The story of a hip hop classic that would turn into Public Enemy’s best sold album: Fear Of A Black Planet.

Sufjan Stevens releases the beautiful, demure and moving Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell Tour (

In 2015 Sufjan Stevens released the beautiful, moving and intimate Carrie & Lowell, a brutally honest portrait of Carrie’s passing and the reaction to that. Impressive!

Van Halen’s third album slams: Women And Children First

Van Halen - Women And Children First (

The third Van Halen album proved that the band was more than the sum of its parts. An impressive piece of work by a band that sadly showed the first signs of the bumpy road ahead.

Frank Sinatra’s forgotten masterpiece Watertown

Frank Sinatra - Relaxing/Sabbatical? (

In 1970 Frank Sinatra released an album that was nearly forgotten, due to bad sales and reviews. Nowadays we know better: it’s his last masterpiece!

David Bowie changes course towards (plastic) soul: Young Americans

David Bowie - Stills from US TV advert 1975 for Young Americans (

In 1975 David Bowie released Young Americans, a soul and R&B album. How did it hold up and where does it stand today? A look back.