Timur Barendregt Ates

Already legendary guest-author of A Pop Life, son of and great story teller! Will hopefully contribute on a regular basis to this blog.

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Lianne La Havas (by guest author Timur)

Timur bought the Lianne La Havas cd (timursverhalen.wordpress.com)

My 11 year old son is crazy about Lianne La Havas’ music. So much so that he wrote a story about her on his blog. He luckily agreed to publsih it here as well. Have fun!

Timur’s top ten best songs of all time (by guest author Timur)

Excactly two years ago my son Timur published his top 10 best songs. He feels his list is no longer correct. So: a newly edited list, here on A Pop Life!

Timur’s 10 best songs of all time (by guest author Timur)

This year my son asked me if I had published my 10 best songs yet. Why not was the next question. Hereby I present my son’s list.

My favorite music, part 2 (by guest author Timur)

Timur tekening North Sea Jazz Festival (apoplife.nl)

The second story by my son Timur. The goings on at the North Sea Jazz Festival and other music memories.

My favorite music (by guest author Timur)

Timur-schrijf-boekje (apoplife.nl)

On July 1st my blog A Pop Life is launched. My son Timur has written a beautiful story about what music means to him and on his first concert: Doe Maar!