Bob Dylan – The 10 best albums

Bob Dylan goes electric on the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 (

Bob Dylan goes electric on the Newport Folk Festival in 1965


In late August of 1965 Dylan’s best album Highway 61 Revisted was released. I don’t listen to Dylan very often, yet I do have quite the amount of Dylan albums in my home. I really like most of them as well, so it’s about time for an overview of my personal favorite Dylan albums.

Top 10

Hereby, I give you my 10 best Bob Dylan albums, ordered by release date.

Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home (

Bringing It All Back Home


Dylan was done with the acoustic folk and allowed electric instruments to enter his music. It resulted in a revolutionary album, which contained the great Subterranean Homesick Blues, for which Dylan made the world’s first ever music video.


Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (

Highway 61 Revisited


His first completely electrified album, astounding beauty. Contains Like A Rolling Stone, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues and the heart wrenching Desolation Row. Rock can be intelligent too.


Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde (

Blonde On Blonde


Varied, rich, this double album is unique in Dylan’s body of work. Never again would Dylan sound quite like this. Musically and lyrically Dylan is in fine form.


Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks (

Blood On The Tracks


The end of Dylan’s marriage put to music. Emotional and raw, an impressive document about a new phenomenon that had been introduced to (American) society: divorce.


Bob Dylan - The Basement Tapes (

The Basement Tapes


Seven years after the recordings made their way to bootleg The Great White Wonder, they got their official release. Dylan and The Band were releaxed while working on some music. Essential!


Bob Dylan - Desire (



Contains several angles and the highly personal Sara, which thematically harks back at the preceding Blood On The Tracks. The other songs deal with less personal affairs, yet do not fail to impress just as much. Contains the song Hurricane about Ruben Carter, the innocent boxer who was sentenced for murder.


Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind (

Time Out Of Mind


Dylan surprised friend and foe with this beautiful album. Dylan proved that he could not only still make and sing beautiful songs, but those songs matched the quality of his classics, which were released 25 years earlier. An impressive feat!


Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol 4 The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert (

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert


May 17th, 1966: Dylan played his first electric set in England. One of the most bootlegged concerts of all time was officially released in 1998 as part of Dylan’s impressive and ongoing The Bootleg Series.

The concert was recorded in Manchester, so therefore not at the Royal Albert Hall (which is based in London). The numerous bootleg releases all assumed the concert took place thee. Hence the name of the hall in quotes.


Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol 5 The Rolling Thunder Revue (

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5: The Rolling Thunder Revue


Another beautiful release in The Bootleg Series. A rendition of the The Rolling Thunder Revue, that made quite the impression at the time. It turned out to be the last big artistic contribution for a very long time.


Bob Dylan - Modern Times (

Modern Times


Following Time Out Of Mind and Love And Theft, this was album number three in a row that contained astonishing new material. Great times!

In closing

Which Dylan albums are your favorites? Let me know!

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