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Disco Demolition Night

DJ Steve Dahl at the dumpster during Disco Demolition Night (

On July 12, 1979. Disco Demolition Night took place. A promotional stunt or a racist, homophobic expression of white resentment?

News: Waterloo 50 years, a letter by ABBA

ABBA Waterloo (

50 years ago ABBA won the Eurovision songfestival with Waterloo, the real start of a dizzyingly successfuyl career.

Black Album (by guest author Edward)

Prince - The Black Album - Header (Edward Gubbels)

Some 35 years ago, a mysterious record was waiting to see the light of day. But it never happened…

Lijntje Elisabeth Pel 1943 – 2012

Mama 11/30/2022 Header (

Ten years ago my mother passed away. Next to all the hurt and hassle there was music as well. A look back.

The opening of Paisley Park Studios

Paisley Park exterior (

In 1987 the Paisley Park Studios complex was opened in Chanhassen, Minneapolis. It would turn into the main home base for Prince and eventually into his home.

André Hazes has a Lonely Christmas

André Hazes in seasonal spirit 1976 (

In 1976 Dutch singer André Hazes debuts with a Christmas single, the start of a lasting and huge career in The Netherlands.

Prince and The Rolling Stones, 1981

Prince and band en route to Rolling Stones show 1981 (

In 1981 Prince played two shows as support act to The Rolling Stones. How did the crowd react to the crossing of new wave and funk?

Madison Square Garden 04/21/2021

Madison Square Garden 04/21/2021 (

A great tribute by Madison Square Garden, the world renowned New York City venue, where Prince performed numerous times.

Prince 1958-2016: 5 years later

Prince IM 5 years (

How does the A Pop Life Panel view 5 years without Prince? Six personal memories, stories and impressions!

J Dilla – Donuts

J Dilla - Donuts (

Three days before his untimely death, J Dilla released the influential Donuts. A look back at an important hip-hop album!

Prince 1995 Ultimate Live Experience in Holland (by guest author Edward)

Prince, Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, Holland, 1995 (

Personal memories of the 4 ‘Ultimate Live Experience’ shows Prince staged in 1995 in Den Bosch and Amsterdam. A magical time for Prince music lovers!

1984, the best year for pop music?

5 years ago 1984 was proclaimed to be the best year for pop music. Indeed, the year did spawn many great albums. But was it all really that special?

Prince and the name change

25 years ago Prince shocked the (music)world. He took on a new name. A symbol that was unpronouncable. Looking back at 6.5 years of controversy.

Herman Brood makes two great rock albums in 1 year!

1978: Herman Brood makes two great rock records in 1 year! Shpritsz and Cha Cha are among the very best that Dutch rock ‘n roll has ever produced. 40 years ago Herman Brood took The Netherlands by storm. A look back on a true phenomenon!

My Name Is Prince Exhibition

My Name Is Prince: The official exhibition is in Amsterdam. After success in London now also great success in Amsterdam? A review.