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The Cure impresses with Faith

The Cure live 1981 (Greg Allen)

In 1981 The cure released the dark and moving album Faith, a lifelong favorite. A look back at the great album and tour.

Rick James and the classic Street Songs

Rick James - Live 1981 (

In 1981 Rick James released his classic Street Songs album. The hits Give It To Me Baby and Super Freak took care of the commercial side, but the album was an artistic triumph as well . A look back.

Prince’s second soundtrack, the sublime Parade

Prince - Live 1986 (

In 1986 Prince And The Revolution released a true masterpiece: Parade. No album has ever sounded like that. A look back.

Prince – Parade – The reviews

A vast collection of reviews for Prince’s Parade album and Under The Cherry Moon movie. The press was highly impressed by the album, but destroyed the movie.

Prince – Parade Tour – The reviews

Prince - Parade Tour - The reviews (

A short review of a Hit N Run show and an article about the second aftershow in London 1986. Have fun!

Prince and the fantastic Parade Tour

Prince live 1986 (

In 1986 Prince And The Revolution finally came over to Europe. And how: we were overwhelmed, blown off our socks and left behind in utter confusion. Otherworldly genius!

Prince’s second movie: Under The Cherry Moon

Prince - Under The Cherry Moon - Wrecka Stow scene (

In 1986 Prince released his second movie, Under The Cherry Moon. It was almost unanimously lambasted, but just how justifed was that really?

Prince – Under The Cherry Moon trailer & Wrecka Stow scene

Under The Cherry Moon - Logo (

This article contains the trailer to the movie Under The Cherry Moon and the funny “Wrecka stow” scene. Enjoy!

Prince and 3121, the real comeback?

Prince - Saturday Night Live 02/04/2006 (

In 2006 Prince released the wonderful 3121, one of his best albums in the new century. A look back at a great album.

Marvin Gaye changes direction: I Want You

Marvin Gaye - I Want You - Billboard (

In 1976 Marvin Gaye released the beautiful and erotic I Want You, an intimate tribute to his latest lover. A look back.


Mazarati - Mazarati (

Mazarati, the story about the band, the debut album, 100 MPH, Prince’s Kiss and more. thye rise and fall of an R&B group!

Max Romeo’s classic War Ina Babylon

Max Romeo (

In 1976 the first part of Lee “Scratch” Perry’s “holy trinity” was released: Max Romeo’s great War Ina Babylon!

Crass, Freud and feminism: Penis Envy

Crass - Live (vocals Eve Libertine & Joy de Vivre) (

In 1981 Crass released their third album, the anarcho punk feminist Penis Envy. A look back at a brilliant album!

J Dilla – Donuts

J Dilla - Donuts (

Three days before his untimely death, J Dilla released the influential Donuts. A look back at an important hip-hop album!

PIL and the great Album

Public Image Ltd - Album (

In 1986 Public Image Limited (PIL), consisting of the most unlikely line-up ever, released their fifth studio album. The story of Album!