Gruppo Sportivo, 07/15/2023

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3½/5: A fun night at the Paradiso at The Spotify Tour Refreshed by Gruppo Sportivo. The Dutch group has a lot of great songs to its name. Success guaranteed!

North Sea Jazz Festival, 07/09/2023

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3½/5: Day 3 of the greatest festival in The Netherlands: North Sea Jazz. The day of Gabriels and Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande.

North Sea Jazz Festival, 07/08/2023

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4/5: Day 2 of the greatest festival in The Netherlands: North Sea Jazz. The day of Naft, Róisín Murphy and Tom Jones.

North Sea Jazz Festival, 07/07/2023

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4/5: Day 1 of the greatest festival in The Netherlands: North Sea Jazz. The day of Van Morrison, Buddy Guy and Little Simz.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/11/2023

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4/5: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ultimately triumph over the annoying “Dutch disease”. Limburg too fall at their feet.

Peter Gabriel, 06/05/2023

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3/5: Peter Gabriel in a two-faced show. Before the break it wasn’t up to his usual standard, after the break it most certainly was.

Claw Boys Claw, 06/02/2023

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4½/5: After years and years finally a Claw Boys Claw concert again. The band is still good, very good even. A top night with sparkling music and a fine show.

Depeche Mode, 05/16/2023

Depeche Mode Memento Mori Tour (

4/5: Great visuals, a fitting tribute to the recently deceased Andrew Fletcher and the unbridled commitent of Gahan and Gore, make the opening show of the European tour a true spectacle!

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 05/13/2023

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4½/5: The 73 year old Bruce Springsteen at the modern La Défense Arena in Paris. Passion and fire throughout the 2 hours and 50 minutes long superb show!

The Waterboys, 04/03/2023

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2½/5: The Waterboys at Paradiso, alas, too little musical sparkle. The long intermission wasn’t helpful. The concert had lost its steam.

Nai Barghouti, 01/28/2023

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2½/5: A tribute to Fairouz by Nail Barghouti, accompanied by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, just works for only 2 songs.

Sudan Archives, 11/15/2022

Sudan Archives, 15/11/2022, concert ticket (

3½/5: Sudan Archives provides a highly entertaining evening in Amsterdam’s Paradiso Noord. She has great potential. Her audience is very, very enthusiastic.

Pavement, 11/08/2022

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4½/5: Pavement delivered a thrilling show.  My personal  concert surprise in 2022. No small feat, given my high expectations and hopes!

Kendrick Lamar, 10/28/2022

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4½/5: Kendrick Lamar and Antwerp: veni, vidi, vici. The audience ate from his hands and the music and presentation were impressive. Again!

Cem Adrian, 10/22/2022

Cem Adrian, 10/22/2022, concert ticket (

1½/5: No match between us and Cem Adrian, who has found a nice niche for himself, but seems incapable of doing anything else besides mixing heavy music with sentiment and pathos.