Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, 09/12/2022

Concert information

Artist Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra
Tour name 10 years Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra
Date 09/12/2022
Venue Meervaart
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


The celebration of 10 year anniversary of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra was a nice event. Hosted by Dutch/Moroccan comedian Najib Amhali accopmanied by the councillor of Culture, the orchestra provided a night filled with mainly Arab music. Problem (for me anyway) was that is didn’t swing enough, it didn’t come across the way it could have, with one notable exception.

The five star rating below is for a part of the show Remla, for which the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra provides the music, but where hiphop dancers Redo and Denden steal the show. What these two dancers brought was otherworldly good and impressive. Such power, such agility, and also such eloquence. The audience collectively held its breath followed by a cathartic thunderous applause. Remember those names: Redo and Denden!


Several Arab songs, including the phenomenal dance segment.

Concert ticket

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Remla impression

Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest, 12-09-2022, Remla impressie (

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