Best Kept Secret Festival, 06/10/2018

Concert information

Festival Best Kept Secret Festival
Date 06/10/2018
Venue Beekse Bergen
City Hilvarenbeek
Country The Netherlands
Line-up Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi, Ty Segall & The Freedom Band, Spoon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Father John Misty en LCD Soundsystem


Father John Misty was good, very good. Have to see him again someday.

But, I did go to see LCD Soundsystem. Is it possible for this band to disappoint? No! Two hours of pure bliss, played by LCD Soundsystem, who were on fire. Impressive. Highlights, highlights, highlights!


Artist Seen whole show? Rating
Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi Nee
Ty Segall & The Freedom Band No
Spoon No >
Unknown Mortal Orchestra No
Father John Misty Yes
LCD Soundsystem Yes


Ty Segall & The Freedom Band

Wave Goodbye / Fanny Dog / Finger / Squealer / Candy Sam / Everyone’s A Winner / Despoiler Of Cadaver / Warm Hands (Freedom Returned) / My Lady’s On Fire / Alta / Sleeper


Do I Have To Talk You Into It / Inside Out / I Turn My Camera On / Don’t You Evah / Do You / Via Kannela / I Ain’t The One / Hot Thoughts / Can I Sit Next To You / My Mathematical Mind / The Underdog / Got Nuffin / The Way We Get By / Rent I Pay

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Chronos Feasts On His Children / Ffunny Ffriends / From The Sun / Necessary Evil / Ministry Of Alienation / So Good At Being In Trouble / Major League Chemicals / American Guilt / Not In Love We’re Just High / Multi-Love / Hunnybee / Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays / Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

Father John Misty

Nancy From Now On / Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins) / Total Entertainment Forever / Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All / Mr. Tillman / Please Don’t Die / Hangout At The Gallows / Pure Comedy / Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings / Holy Shit / Date Night / I Love You, Honeybear / The Ideal Husband

LCD Soundsystem

You Wanted A Hit / Tribulations / I Can Change / Call The Police / Get Innocuous! / Yr City’s A Sucker / Daft Punk Is Playing at My House / Movement / Someone Great / Tonite / Home / I Want Your Love / How Do You Sleep?

Oh Baby / Emotional Haircut / Dance Yrself Clean / All My Friends

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