Cem Adrian, 10/22/2022

Concert information

Artist Cem Adrian
Tour name  
Date 10/22/2022
Venue Vredenburg – Grote Zaal
City Utrecht
Country The Netherlands


Heavy music, sentiment, pathos. Piano, cello and a voice. Ingredients for a distinctive evening, to say the least, as most concerts are done in an entirely different setting. At the start the volume is highly noticeable, extremely loud, way too loud. Two musicians and a singer make more sound than the many punkbands I have witnessed in my life.

And for content: it all works for 1 or 2 songs. Recipe: piano intro, add the cello, add the voice, meander a bit, add more intensity, add much reverb on the vocal, a deafening bit and let the song die down. The third song with this recipe is annoying and irritating. We left after half an hour into the show. Let’s just say the match wasn’t there for us. To be fair, many enjoyed the show.



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Cem Adrian, 10/22/2022, concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

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