D’Angelo, 03/02/2015

Concert information

Artist D’Angelo 
Tour name  
Date 03/02/2015
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


After waiting over 45 minutes D’Angelo finally entered the stage. Upon hearing the first notes all was forgiven and forgotten. This was going to be an absolute stunning concert! It didn’t; it was even better. By the time the closing Untitled (How Does It Feel?) was played the complete audience had fallen for D’Angelo. Classic!


Prayer / 1000 Deaths / Ain’t That Easy / Feel Like Makin’ Love / Really Love / One Mo’Gin / Alright / Brown Sugar / The Charade / Sugah Daddy / Lady / Back To The Future / Left & Right / Chicken Grease / Till It’s Done (Tutu) / Untitled (How Does It Feel)

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20150302 D'Angelo

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