Dweezil Zappa, 07/25/2018

Concert information

Artist Dweezil Zappa
Tour name Choice Cuts! World Tour
Date 07/25/2018
Venue Melkweg
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Highly entertaining concert. The band was so good it was ridiculous. All the complex Zappa compositions were performed flawlessly. Dweezil Zappa is a very sympathetic bandleader, musician and incredible guitar player. The evening was over before I could blink. The 2.5 hour show was really good!


The Purple Lagoon (Intro) / Andy / Lonely Little Girl / Flakes / Fifty-Fifty / Call Any Vegetable / Tell Me You Love Me / Dog Breath / Dog Meat / Cosmik Debris / The Black Page #1 / The Black Page #2 / Pygmy Twylyte / King Kong / Suzy Creamcheese / Cocaine Decisions / Drowning Witch / Sleeping In A Jar / Florentine Pogen / Zoot Allures / Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow / Uncle Remus / Peaches en Regalia / This Town Is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich / Keep It Greasey / Cheepnis / Son of Orange County / More Trouble Every Day


Concert ticket

Dweezil Zappa, 07/25/2018 (apoplife.nl)

Setlist A

Dweezil Zappa, 07/25/2018, Setlist A (dweezilzappa.com)

Setlist B

Dweezil Zappa, 07/25/2018, Setlist B (dweezilzappa.com)

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