FKA Twigs, 12/03/2019

FKA Twigs 12/03/2019 (

FKA Twigs 12/03/2019

Concert information

Artist FKA Twigs
Tour name MAGDALENE TOUR 2019
Date 12/03/2019
Venue Carré
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Beginning 45 mintues too late and still completely overwhelm everyone. Wow! Concert of the year!

What a special, beautiful, moving, impressive night this was. Total theater, dance, music and pitch perfect singing, all in one show that kept the audience on the tip of their seats from beginning to end. FKA Twigs is a multi talent, who dares to be vulnerable and does what she does without any compromise.

Electronica performed with military precision by a fabulous band, which is revealed halfway though the show. Dancers who actually add something to the performace and the undisputed center of it all, FKA Twigs who silences the room and moves many to tears. A definite highlight of 2019 and a night I won’t ever forget.


Tap Dance / Water Me / Pendulum / Figure 8 / Video Girl / thousand eyes / mary magdalene / home with you / sad day / fallen alien / holy terrain / daybed / mirrored heart / Papi Pacify / Lights On / Two Weeks / cellophane

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