George Clinton, 01/22/1990

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Artist George Clinton
Tour name  
Date 01/22/1990
Venue Vredenburg
City Utrecht
Country The Netherlands


When I entered the venue Clinton’s P-Funk All Stars had just started: Chocolate City. What stood out was the enormous amount of musicians; the number seemed to be around 50. They came and went as they pleased and seemingly played a random instrument which may have been audible or not. Clinton walked around giving some directions and shouting in the microphone: Shit, goddamn , get off your ass and jam! and it was phenomenal, the groove was irresistible, the concert stunningly good and musical. I vividly remember it went on and on and on. After 3 hours the funk was still oozing from the stage. A truly magnificent evening!


(incomplete) Chocolate City / Cosmic Slop / Give Up The funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) / Pump It Up / Maggot Brain

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