Giorgio Moroder, 05/21/2019

Giorgio Moroder and his Moog system (

Giorgio Moroder and his Moog system

Concert information

Artist Giorgio Moroder
Tour name A Celebration of the 80’s
Date 05/21/2019
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Well, what can I say about this evening? I’m not really sure what I witnessed. If I have to rate this concert on artictic merit, it’s a low outcome. It wasn’t very good. A mediocre band and background singers who would probably be fired from the band that plays in your mall. Add to that that I didn’t realize (or had I just chosen to forget it?) that Moroder made some terrible music as well. At times it was really cringe worthy…

Donna Summer - I Feel Love (single) (

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (single)

And yet… I am in the presence of Giorgio Moroder, the man who made some phenomenal songs with Pete Belotte. The man behind Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Baby and I Feel Love. On my 10 favorite Donna Summer songs list I recently published, there no less than 8 where Moroder was responsible for. And this year he goes on his first tour through Europe, at 79 (!) years old.

The old disco classics thrive. The original horniness of Love To Love You Baby isn’t matched, but still sounds great. Bad Girls and On The Radio are fine. The Daft Punk cover Giorgio By Moroder is ok. I Feel Love disppoints in this setting.

When Cat People is played and David Bowie’s original vocals are used, it’s really obvious what a circus act his band really is. Even more obvious when during Mac Arthur Park Donna Summer’s vocals are used. It’s almost like karaoke, but it’s still moving. Summer shines throughout.

Moroder seems to be having a good time, even though at times he seems more amazed at it all. I did wonder whether of not he realized where he was and what his musical input relly was on stage.

So, given the fact I was watching the one and only Giorgio Moroder who went on his first tour at 79 and playing a lot of Donna Summer work, I am inclined to rate the concert higher than it actually deserved. Based on both ratings, I arrive at the average off 2.5 stars. And, I am really happy to have witnessed this.

One more thing. The tour title should be A Celebration of the 70’s, since more than half of the songs stem from that era.


(Theme from) Midnight Express / Looky Looky / Love to Love You Baby (1) / The NeverEnding Story (2) / Bad Girls (1) / On the Radio (1) / Chase / Together in Electric Dreams (3) / From Here to Eternity / Flashdance… What a Feeling (4) / Giorgio by Moroder (5) / Take My Breath Away (6) / Danger Zone / Right Here, Right Now (7) / I Feel Love (1) / Cat People (8) / MacArthur Park (1) / Last Dance (1)

Hot Stuff (1)

Encore 2:
Call Me (9)

(1. Donna Summer, 2. Limahl, 3. Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder, 4. Irene Cara, 5. Daft Punk, 6. Berlin, 7. Kylie Minogue 9. David Bowie, 9. Blondie)

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