Gruppo Sportivo, 07/15/2023

Concert information

Artist Gruppo Sportivo
Tour name The Spotify Tour Refreshed 2023
Date 07/15/2023
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


A tour dedicated to the Spotify top 25. The most streamed songs by Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo played in reversed order. Gradually the hits keep getting bigger. Their first two albums, 10 Mistakes and Back In ’78, are Dutch classics, that both contain many fun and fresh songs.

A great night at the Paradiso, that was visibly enjoyed by leader Vandenburg, already 76 years old. The audience had a great time as well!

At the show I wondered why Bernadette wasn’t played. In my mind it was one of the band’s favorite songs. Given the streaming numbers, the songs should have been played. Odd; if anyone knows why the song was kept off the setlist, please let me know.


Set 1
Rhythmisaconstantbeat / Very Nice / What Else Can I Do / Shave / Cruisin’ / Tub For Two / Cockroach / One Way Love / P.S. 78 / Rubber Gun / (This Is A) Normal Song / Dreamin’ / Henri

Set 2
I Said No! / Blah Blah Magazines / Lasting Forever / I Shot My Manager / Armee Monika / Girls Never Know / Mission Á Paris / Rock ‘N Roll / Disco Really Made It / Tokyo / Beep Beep Love / Hey Girl

Oh Caroline / Superman

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