Jacob Collier, 02/13/2019

Concert information

Artist Jacob Collier
Tour name  
Date 02/13/2019
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Jacob Collier only needed to come on stage to win the audience over. A Zappa-like opening laid Collier’s intentions bare. Perfect control, polyrhythmic, multi-instrumental: impressive. The first hour was pure perfection. Unfortunately, the show started to derail after that one hour. The ‘community singing’ was nice at first, but after the zillionth time it got tiresome.

But, the The Beach Boys cover In My Room was a beautiful intimate acoustic performance.


With The Love In My Heart / Hideaway / Don’t You Know / Djesse / Ocean Wide Canyon Deep / (They Long to Be) Close to You / Mariana / Hajanga / You’ve Got A Friend / Fascinating Rhythm / All Night Long (All Night)

In My Room

Encore 2:
Blackbird / Lean on Me

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Jacob Collier, 02/13/2019 Concertkaartje (apoplife.nl)

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