Koray Avci, 05/21/2022

Concert information

Artist Koray Avci
Tour name European Tour 2022
Date 05/21/2022
Venue Carre
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Sympathetic singer who has a beautiful full and warm voice. Unfortunately, the concert was marred by too many and too long monologues, that added little to nothing and only slowed the show down (just as the unnecessary intermission). The setlist’s order was rather clumsy as well, making the concert fade out like a candle.

Truly a pity, because when the concert was on fire, it was great. The ‘arabesk’ section was fantastisc and Koray Avci had the audience wrapped around his finger. But, to be fair, when he played Sezen Aksu’s phenomenal Gidiyorum, Aksu’s absence was more palpable than the performance of her song.

Remarkable ending: even before the last notes had been played, the venue was almost entirely empty. Never before, have I seen a venue clear out so fast.


Sezen Aksu’s Gidiyorum, amongst many others.

Concert ticket

Koray Avci, 05/21/2022, concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

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