Massive Attack, 02/01/2019

Concert information

Artist Massive Attack
Tour name MezzanineXX1
Date 02/01/2019
Venue AFAS Live
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


A meager 2.5 for this show. Maybe my expectations were too high, but it was a bit boring to be honest. Does that include the album as well?

The 10:15 Saturday Night cover was a nice surprise and it was the first highlight of the evening, the second being was Angel. No interaction with the audience at all and Teardrop didn’t really come off.

Guests Horace Andy and Liz Fraser (!) couldn’t save the show. It lacked spice.


I Found a Reason (The Velvet Underground cover) / Risingson / 10:15 Saturday Night (The Cure cover) / Man Next Door / Black Milk / Mezzanine / Exchange / See a Man’s Face (Horace Andy cover) / Dissolved Girl / Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (Pete Seeger cover) / Inertia Creeps / Rockwrok (Ultravox cover) / Angel / Teardrop / Group Four 

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