Michael Kiwanuka

Concert information

Artist Michael Kiwanuka 
Tour name Love & Hate
Date 11/25/2016 
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


A fine concert with musicians who were visibly enjoying themselves. The many (and very loud) talking at the bar was a shame. Maybe the songs lasted too long and the set lacked from some punch. Encore 2 was a great closing to a, at times, beautiful concert.


Cold Little Heart / One More Night / Tell Me a Tale / Falling / Black Man in a White World / I’ll Never Love / Always Waiting / I’m Getting Ready / Rule the World / The Final Frame / Father’s Child

Home Again / Bones / Love & Hate

Encore 2:
Sometimes it Snows in April

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Michael Kiwanuka 11/25/2016 (apoplife.nl)


Michael Kiwanuka 11/25/2016 tour advertentie (onbekend)