Nai Barghouti, 01/28/2023

Concert information

Artist Nai Bargouti (accompanied by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra)
Tour name Tribute to Fairouz
Date 01/28/2023
Venue De Meervaart
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


The Palestinian singer Nai Barghouti honours the Egyptian Fairouz. Her voice is magnificent, but unfortunately the accompanying ochestra does not convince (again). It’s a shame really, because the orchestra does hold a couple of truly wonderful musicinas. But it all sounds too predictable and too laid-back. The song that’s attributed to Jerusalem receives a standing ovation from the audience, but it suffers from a lack of emotion. But then: Barghouti starts to scat and challenges the excellent drummer to a duet: finally the sparks fly off the stage. The next song is just as convincing. So, they do know how to engage! A pity they can only do so for just those two songs.



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