Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, 10/16/2021

2021-10-16 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (

Concert information

Artist Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Tour name Carnage
Date 10/16/2021
Venue Koninklijk Theater Carré
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


By the end of the show Cave said that the band had conquered “oceans, monsters and viruses” to be with us again and he complimented us on daring to learn “how to be an audience again”.

It showed Cave’s passion and surrender, which wasn’t obvious in words alone. When I compiled the setlist in a Spotify playlist, it seemed as if this wasn’t going to be an easy night out. But even before the band appeared on stage that notion had faded into oblivion. A long piece was played that reminded me very strongly of Twin Peaks. Which is a good thing indeed!

From the very first song Cave was present as only he knows how to be present. He effortlessly demanded all attention, the audience was (once again!) quiet and watched breathlessly at times at the overwhelming emotions radiating from the stage. Sometimes maniacal (White Elephant, Hand Of God), as if The Bad Seeds were on stage there with him. The next moment vulnerable, moving and heart wrenching, like in the emotional heart of the show Waiting For You and I Need You.

Cave was in a great mood and the friendship between Cave and Warren Ellis was visible for all to see. Most of the audience was aware of the setlist, so after the second encore the audience leapt from their chairs and started leaving the venue, when Cave unexpectedly returned and played Watching Alice. One more time that splendor, one more time that voice, one more time giving it all.

In short: Cave came, saw and conquered. Convincingly. Again.


Spinning Song / Bright Horses / Night Raid / Carnage / White Elephant / Ghosteen / Lavender Fields / Waiting For You / I Need You / Cosmic Dancer (T. Rex cover) / God Is In The House/ Hand Of God / Shattered Ground / Galleon Ship / Leviathan / Balcony Man

Hollywood / Henry Lee

Into My Arms / Ghosteen Speaks

Watching Alice

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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, 16-10-2021 (

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