North Sea Jazz Festival, 07/09/2023

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Festival North Sea Jazz Festival
Date 07/09/2023 (also see 07/07/2023 and 07/08/2023)
Venue Ahoy
City Rotterdam
Country The Netherlands
Line-up (witnessed) Laufey, Brad Mehldau Trio, Gabriels, Cymande, Stanley Clarke N’4ever, Endea Owens & The Cookout, Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande, Mark Guiliana, Son Little, Lizzo, Sabakoe


Day 3 of the greatest festival I know.

The final day we went to the festival without our children. For me this day was a day of many incomplete shows. I started off with Laufey, who played beautiful still songs, a great way to start the day.

After the impressive Brad Mehldau Trio off to the Maas where Gabriels would perform. I was planning to leave after a couple of songs, but the show grabbed me immediately. The performance of singer Jacob Lusk was overwhelming. Great show filled with soul and gospel, with a moving tribute to the recently deceased Tina Turner.

I was hoping for a spectacular show by Cymande, but that didn’t happen. It was good, but a bit subdued and low on energy. Missed opportunity. Stanley Clarke went into overdrive, with his band of young musicians seizing their moment to shine, but it was a bit too much for my taste. Endea Owens was a breath of fresh air, who lit a fire with her (small) audience. After short stops at Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande (beautiful Mexican jazz?), Mark Guiliana (flatout impressive and enviously brilliant), Son Little (promising act), Lizzo (bad, very bad) and the Surinam party band Sabakoe, North Sea Jazz Festival 2023 came to an end. It was a great edition. Hopefully I’ll be there in 2024.

Artist Seen whole show? Rating
Laufey No
Brad Mehldau Trio No
Gabriels Yes
Cymande No
Stanley Clarke N’4ever No
Endea Owens & The Cookout No
Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande No
Mark Guiliana No
Son Little No
Lizzo No
Sabakoe No



To The Moon And Back / Angels & Queens / Taboo / Remember Me / Blame / Love And Hate In A Different Time / Private Dancer / Glory / Great Wind / Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) / Professional

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