North Sea Jazz Festival, 07/09/2022

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Festival North Sea Jazz Festival
Date 09-07-2019
Venue Ahoy
City Rotterdam
Country The Netherlands
Line-up (witnessed) Lous And The Yakuza, Daniel Lanois, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, John McLaughlin And The 4th Dimension, Sabrina Claudio, Cory Henry, Lady Blackbird, Kristo, Robert Glasper


Day 2 of the greatest festival I know.

After three years we were finally able to exprience North Sea Jazz again! The corona issues had prevented the festival for 2 consecutive years. Unfortunately, that very same corona got to me just before the start of the festival and I hadn’t fully recovered. Out of my three day ticket pass, I only got to ‘enjoy’ 1 of them. Even though my corona has gone, I felt ill. But I just had to go, so I went on day 2, with my youngest son, who made up for a lot, if not everything. Despite the aspirines and other inconveniences, there still was a lot to enjoy.

We haven’t seen one show from start to finish. The music on offer was varied (once again) and I’ve seen some beautiful things. One name pops up: Kristo, a young Belgian man who studies music at the Rotterdam Conservatorium. Great, original and on a stage that is in dire need of more attention and goodwill.

Cory Henry was a late addition to the line-up and seemed to play a somewhat flat set filled with, MPLS sound inspired, funk. Nice, but nothing too special. But, after time went on, the enthusiasm started to rub off and the place was dancing and sining along. All in all a tight show! The same could be applied to Trombone Shorty: great show by musicians who were clearly enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately, Robert Glasper wasn’t too great, despite the fact that master drummer Chris ‘Daddy’ Dave was on stage as well.

Artist Rating
Lous And The Yakuza
Daniel Lanois
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
John McLaughlin And The 4th Dimension
Sabrina Claudio
Cory Henry
Lady Blackbird
Robert Glasper

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