Paul Simon, 07/18/2012

Concert information

Artist Paul Simon
Tour name Graceland 25th Anniversary 
Date 07/18/2012
Venue Ziggo Dome
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


The Simon & Garfunkel songs were particularly beautiful, The Sound Of Silence being the definite highlight.


Kodachrome / Gone at Last / Dazzling Blue / 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover / Vietnam / Mother and Child Reunion / That Was Your Mother / Hearts and Bones / Mystery Train / Wheels / Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard / Slip Slidin’ Away / The Obvious Child / Hello My Baby / Nomathemba / Homeless / Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes / I Know What I Know / The Boy in the Bubble / Crazy Love, Vol. II / Bring Him Back Home / African Sunset / Stimela / Gumboots / Under African Skies / Graceland / You Can Call Me Al

The Sound of Silence / The Boxer / Late in the Evening

Encore 2:
Still Crazy After All These Years

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20120718 Paul Simon

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