Peter Gabriel, 06/05/2023

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Artist Peter Gabriel
Tour name i/o The Tour
Date 06/05/2023
Venue Ziggo Dome
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


A two-faced concert:

  • Yes, it is admirable that Peter Gabriel plays new music that the audience has never heard before
  • But that music has to be fascinating enough. The first set didn’t deliver
  • Yes, Peter Gabriel is not young anymore (73) and a 20 minute break is quite understandable
  • But the momentum has to be chosen more thoroughly. The audience was finally warming up to the show (a bit). The flow of the show was undone by the break
  • Yes, choices have to be made as far as the setlist goes
  • But the music stemming from before So is infinitely more interesting than the music from that hit album and onwards. More music from 1982 and before could have brought more sparkle to the show
  • Yes, I get money has to be made and that concerts is the main source of income for many artists
  • But 120 Euros (!) for a seat way in the back of the venue is outrageous

But, to be fair, muscianship was at an (expected) extremely high level. Bass player Tony Levin and drummer Manu Katché are absolute power houses, that fit Peter Gabriel’s musical concepts very well.

At times, the lightshow was absolutely breathtaking, the sound perfect (bar a technical glitch during the first 2 songs) and some performances were outright stunning, like the phenomenal Darkness. But, especially during the first set, too many songs were too uniform to make an impression.

All in all, a show with a double feeling, rating-wise as well.

Before the break:

After the break:


Set 1:
Washing Of The Water / Growing Up / Panopticom / Four Kinds Of Horses / i/o / Digging In The Dirt / Playing For Time / Olive Tree / This Is Home / Sledgehammer

Set 2:
Darkness / Love Can Heal / Road To Joy / Don’t Give Up / The Court / Red Rain / And Still / Big Time / Live And Let Live / Solsbury Hill

In Your Eyes

Encore 2:

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