Queens Of The Stone Age, 11/26/2013

Concert information

Artist Queens Of The Stone Age
Tour name …Like Clockwork 
Date 11/26/2013
Venue Ziggo Dome
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Very disappointing Queens Of the Stone Age.


You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire / No One Knows / My God Is the Sun / Burn the Witch / Smooth Sailing / Monsters in the Parasol / I Sat by the Ocean / …Like Clockwork / I Never Came / Fairweather Friends / If I Had a Tail / Kalopsia / Little Sister / Make It Wit Chu / The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret / Sick, Sick, Sick / Better Living Through Chemistry / Go With the Flow

The Vampyre of Time and Memory / Feel Good Hit of the Summer / First It Giveth / A Song for the Dead

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20131126 Queens Of The Stone Age

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