Raphael Saadiq, 10/24/2019

Concert information

Artist Raphael Saadiq
Tour name  
Date 10/24/2019
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Very nice show by Raphael Saadiq. He had a small, yet extremely tight band behind him. Unfortunately it was Saadiq himself who kept on ruining the natural flow of the concert, by telling many, long stories. The audience reacted immediately by talking as much and loudly as possible. A shame.

All in all a nice evening.


Sinners Prayer / So Ready / This World Is Drunk / Something Keeps Calling / Kings Fall / I’m Feeling Love / My Walk / Belongs to God / Dottie Interlude / Glory to the Veins / Rikers Island / Rikers Island Redux / Rearview

Let’s Take a Walk / Love That Girl / Keep Marchin’ / Sure Hope You Mean It / Movin’ Down the Line / Dance Tonight / Get Involved

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Raphael Saadiq 10/24/2019 concertkaartje (apoplife.nl)

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