Sibel Can, 12/07/2019

Concert information

Artist Sibel Can
Tour name  
Date 12/07/2019
Venue Luxor Theater
City Rotterdam
Country The Netherlands


Bad sound, irritating lighting, incoherent singing. Sibel Can, the Turkish popdiva, visited The Netherlands and made a mess of it all. Fake smiles and practically inaudible singing. Shrill music. Beginning too late, taking a break after 45 minutes, returning after 20 minutues to hand over the show to a nondescript backup singer after only two songs. Two more songs and Mrs Can left. No encore, After some poor souls even wanted more and shouted ‘bir daha’ the majority of the audience quickly ran for the exits.

Mrs Can came over to Europe to collect some money (tickets went up to E. 130,- !) and succeeded, but her show was inferior and an insult to her audience.

Then why 1½?. The half point extra for the (short) part of ‘Black Sea’ music, with which she had practically nothing to do.


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