Steve Ignorant (Crass)

Concert information

Artist Steve Ignorant
Tour name Presents Crass Songs
Date 10/15/2010
Venue Melkweg – Oude zaal
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Good to have seen Steve Ignorant at least one time. The Crass songs were played with true conviction.


Punk Is Dead / Do They Owe Us A Living? / End Result / System / Big Man Big M.A.N / Batamotel / Systematic Death / Contaminational Power / Time Out / Securicor / How Does It Feel? / Poison In A Pretty Pill / Where’s Columbus? / Rival Tribal / I Aint Thick Its Just A Trick / The Gasman Cometh / Heard Too Much About / Darling / Berketex Bribe / You’ve Got Big Hands / Big A Little A / So What / Banned From The Roxy / Major General Despair / Shaved Women / Bloody Revolutions

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20101015 Crass


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