The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

Concert information

Artist O(+>
Tour name The Ultimate Live Experience
Date 03/25/1995
Venue Brabanthallen
City Den Bosch
Country The Netherlands


Topshow by Prince. During this tour he didn’t perform any songs he had released under the moniker Prince.


Endorphinmachine / The Jam / Shhh / Days Of Wild / Now / Johnny / Glam Slam Boogie / The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / P. Control / Letitgo / Pink Cashmere / (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose! / A Case Of You / I Love U In Me / The Ride / Peach / 7

Get Wild / Race / Super Hero / Billy Jack Bitch – Eye Hate U – 319 / Gold

Concert ticket

19950325 TAFKAP


Ultimate Live Experience Tour (

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