The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, 03/27/1995

Concert information

Artist O(+>
Tour name Aftershow
Date 03/27/1995
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands
Remarks Date on the ticket is not right


Aftershow. The only time I bought tickets on the black markets (5 times the original ticket price). Top night, during which Prince’s spirits were genuinely lifted by the audience when he talked about his issues with Warner Bros. When the audience started shouting Fuck Warner Bros, he laughed out loud and suggested the audience should come along with him during his next negotiations with Warner: That would be some funny shit, right there!


People Get Ready / The Jam / Get Wild / Jailhouse Rock / Zannalee / The Undertaker / Funky Design

P. Control / Funky Stuff / Johnny / Endorphinmachine / Peach

Concert ticket

19950326 Prince Paradiso 2

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