The Joe Jackson Band, 05/30/2003

Concert information

Artist The Joe Jackson Band
Tour name Volume IV 
Date 05/30/2003
Venue Pepsi Stage
City Amsterdam
Opmerking Released on Joe Jackson Band live – Afterlife (bonus disc)
Country The Netherlands


Joe Jackson and original band at the top of their game. This show was released on the Joe Jackson Band live – Afterlife as a bonus disc.


Look Sharp! / Take It Like a Man / Awkward Age / Fools in Love / For Your Love / Fairy Dust / Obvious Song / Friday / Is She Really Going Out With Him? / Love at First Light / Be My Number Two / Girl / Steppin’ Out / Dirty Martini / Thugz ‘r’ Us / Sunday Papers / Don’t Wanna Be Like That

Got the Time / Beat Crazy / It’s Different for Girls / I’m the Man

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20030530 Joe Jackson

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