Yekpare, 10/09/2022

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Artist Yekpare
Tour name  
Date 10/09/2022
Venue Tivoli Vredenburg – Hertz
City Utrecht
Country The Netherlands


Yekpare is a group of 3: Ceylan Ertem (singer), Coşkun Karademir(kopuz and bağlama player) and Cenk Erdoğan (guitar player). All 3 are highly gifted musicians. On paper, this cannot lead to anything less than a fantastic combination.

And, does it? The choice to present repertoire of (Turkish/Anatolian) grandmasters like Neşet Ertaş, Aşık Mahsuni and Karacaoğlan is the right one. The added value is immediately obvious for all, the music is sparkly and full of life. Singer Ertem in particular carries the show with het beautiful and powerful voice. Guitar player Erdoğan is not just some virtuoso. By himself, he provides the songs with their base, both musically and rhythmically, with his varied and original playing. Karademir embellishes the music with his accents and hooks. So yes, the combination works like a charm, as long as everyone plays their role as described here.

Some songs are sung by Karademir, which don’t work for me personally. Some songs by the artists’ own repertoire are played, which also connect considerably less with me.

But when the trio focuses on the (self-chosen) assignment, it has an overwhelming effect, like the stunning opening song. At times, Ertem’s voice is breathtakingly beautiful, and the instrumentation, played by just 2 people, sounds like a full orchestra. I most definitely want to see them again, if they come over here. Unfortunately, that remains to be seen, as the small Hertz room was less than half filled. Unbelievable, yet true.



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