Danko Jones – Born A Lion


Artist Danko Jones
Album Born A Lion
Year of release 2002



Danko Jones - Born A Lion (soundi.fi)

Danko Jones – Born A Lion

Named after their bandleader, Danko Jones is a Canadian hard rock trio. Following in the footsteps of Thin Lizzy and AC/DC the band plays blues rock containing heavy memorable riffs. In 1998 their EP Danko Jones was released. After EP My Love Is Bold in 2001, I’m Alive And On Fire was released, a compilation of their music released until 2001. In 2002 their first real album, their debut, was released: Born A Lion.

Friend Bram introduced me to Danko Jones for which I was grateful. I also bought successor We Sweat Blood from 2003 and, together with friend Bram, I went to the Friends Only Party for the album release: great night!

What is it that makes Danko Jones that much fun? The music is loud, simple and the lyrics are, well, not very articulate, in general. But I think it’s funny and the album rocks away greatly. The energy level is very high and the enthusiasm is clearly audible.


If you wanna know how to play the blues, get yourself a woman!

© Play The Blues, Danko Jones, 2002


Don’t expect morally valid thoughts and/or political correctness. The band’s image is macho, but, in my opinion anyway, it is tongue in cheek. What can you expect then? Energetic, ultra tight rock played full of conviction and passion. Just over 35 minutes great rock ‘n’ roll!


  • Play The Blues
  • Lovercall
  • Sound Of Love
  • Papa
  • Soul On Ice
  • Word Is Bond
  • Way To My Heart
  • Caramel City
  • Get Outta Town
  • Suicide Woman
  • Love Is Unkind

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