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‘Without history there’s no future’

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On March 30th, 2018, I published the article Paradiso, the most beautiful concert venue turns 50. My favorite venue in The Netherlands celebrated its 50th anniversary and the future seemed promising. However, the world today is very different indeed and Paradiso’s very existence is on the line. Paradiso needs your help. To support Paradiso ten posters have been developed, that can be acquired for only € 15 each.

The coronacrisis represents a humongous financial blow to Paradiso and the future is bleak. During the first and second ‘intelligent’ lockdown in Amsterdam Paradiso hung up about twenty different posters around the city, based on a number of legendary concerts by world renowned stars that had taken place at Paradiso. The message read: ‘zonder geschiedenis geen toekomst’ (‘without history there is no future’). A selection of those posters are now up for sale at the Paradiso webshop. The posters are printed as high quality RISO-print and designed by artist Sander Puhl. 100% of the revenue of the poster sales will be directed to Paradiso’s future existence.

© 2020 Paradiso (translation by APopLife)

Below the posters up for sale at Paradiso webshop – poster(s).

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