In memoriam: Clyde Stubblefield 1943-2017

Clyde Stubblefield (

Clyde Austin Stubblefield
American drummer, who became famous due to his work with James Brown. His playing is considered a de-facto funk standard. He received his nickname “Funky Drummer” later on by the end of the 1980s, when his drumming was the foundation of the majority of the hip-hop rhythms, his playing in the song Funky Drummer in particular
Fred Wesley:
Funk for Your Ass

James Brown:
Cold Sweat
I Got The Feelin’
It’s A Mother
Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud
Sex Machine

Bring The Funk On Down

The Revenge Of The Funky Drummer
The Original Funky Drummer Breakbeat Album
The Original

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