In memoriam: Henny Vrienten 1948 – 2022

Henny Vrienten (

Hendrikus Cornelis Jacoba Vrienten
Dutch composer, guitar player, bass player, pianist and singer. Became hugely succcessful in the early 1980s with his band Doe Maar, which made Beatle-mania look tame in comparison, in the Netherlands.  After disbanding Doe Maar, Vrienten started a solo career and focussed ever more on film and television music. Doe Maar’s reunion in 2000 picked things up where the band had left them in 1984: unprecedented success. The group played no less than 16 (!) sold out shows in Rotterdam’s Ahoy. From then on the band would reconvene every four/five years to trek though The Netherlands and Belgium at sold out venues right up to the very end. Later on, Vrienten worked with Dutch legends Boudewijn de Groot and George Kooijmans (Golden Earring) using the moniker Vreemde Kostgangers. He also collaborated with rock stars like Herman Brood and Raymond van het Groenewoud. Meanwhile, he constantly maintained a successful solo career and turned into a highly skilled and valued musician and composer
Doe Maar:
Doris Day En Andere Stukken
Doe De Dub
Lijf Aan Lijf

Geen Ballade
Mijn Hart Slaapt Nooit
Nacht – De Soundtrack
Aardige Jongens
En Toch…
Alles Is Anders
Tussen De Regels

Vreemde Kostgangers:
Vreemde Kostgangers

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