Milestones & acknowledgements

Milestones & acknowledgements (

(last edit date: 05/21/2024)

Every comment and reader are dear to me, I am forever indebted to all who have contributed to my blog, sent me mail and encouraged me on my journey.

At times I get comments and/or reactions from the very people I write about, or from those who have played a part in the creation of some of the items I have written about. It’s a real treat to know I describe their lives and/or efforts in a way that does them of their work justice.

So here are the comments from those I write about:

Comment from Comment on Comment date Comment
Coke Johnson, engineer Prince is victorious (once again) with Sign O’ The Times 06/08/2017 Great article, thanks for documenting this phase of Prince’s diversity, I still feel really fortunate to have participated in this season….
Jill Jones (singer, Prince protegé) Jill Jones, one of the best Prince satellite acts 08/07/2017 Jill Jones Twitter 08/07/2017 (
Jill Jones (singer, Prince protegé) Jill Jones, one of the best Prince satellite acts 09/21/2017 Jill Jones Facebook 09/22/2017 (
Penny Rimbaud (Crass co-founder) Crass – How Does It Feel 10/18/2017 Nice article – sometimes it all takes forty years to be taken seriously!!!! Love, blessings and sweetest joy, Penny
Omarr Baker (Prince’s half brother) Prince and the name change 06/14/2018 Omarr Baker Twitter 14-06-2018 (
The New Power Generation (backing band for Prince) Prince and the name change 06/21/2018 New Power Generation Facebook 21-06-2018 (
Pete Stennett, co-owner and founder of Small Wonder Records Crass – The Feeding Of The 5000 06/05/2019 Pete Stennett Facebook 06/05/2019 (
Mark Hammond Jesse Johnson – Verbal Penetration 03/06/2020 The credits you have posted are missing a few musicians. Del Atkins played bass on “Ali Vs Frazier” and I played the guitar solos on “We R So Strong”.
Neal Karlen, author Prince tries to control the damage: the big 1985 Rolling Stone interview 04/21/2020 Dear Mr. Barendregt, I just wanted to thank you for reprinting the article I wrote for Rolling Stone in 1985 about Prince. Very much appreciated! I hope all is safe and well with you. best wishes, Neal Karlen
Lianne Le Havas, singer Lianne La Havas (by guest author Timur) 07/24/2020 Lianne La Havas - Instagram 24-07-2020 (
The Zapp Band, artists Zapp, revolutionary electro funk pioneers 07/29/2020 Zapp - Instagram 29-07-2020 (
Miko Weaver, former guitar player The Family and Prince (1986-1990) The Family, the ultimate Prince satellite project 08/12/2020

Miko Weaver Facebook 12-08-2020 (

Sophie Roux, set designer for Under The Cherry Moon and former personal assistant for Prince’s Paris estate (1985-1996) Prince’s second movie: Under The Cherry Moon 04/02/2021

(in reaction to a comment made earlier) Hi Clare we shot the movie in Nice, Cannes, Cap d Antibes, Beaulieu, Cagnes, Villefranche, Villeneuve Loubet. For info: I worked on the movie in the set design department.

Shelby J., former (background) singer for Prince Jill Jones, one of the best Prince satellite acts 05/27/2022 Shelby J Facebook 05/27/2022 (
FM op 5, Dutch radio station FM op 5, Prince & A Pop Life 07/11/2022 FM op 5 Facebook 11-07-2022 (
Wikipedia Prince live in 1990, the story of the Nude tour 12/20/2022 Wikipedia 20-12-2022 (

A Pop Life is mentioned as a source for the wikipedia entry

Wondaland, Janelle Monáe’s production company Janelle Monáe – The Age Of Pleasure 06/09/2023 Janelle Monáe - Twitter 09-06-2023 (

This ‘like’ was quickly withdrawn, probably following the realization that I wasn’t too thrilled about the new album 😉

Gruppo Sportivo Gruppo Sportivo, 07/15/2023 07/16/2023 Gruppo Sportivo - Twitter 16-07-2023 (
Raymond van het Groenewoud Raymond van het Groenewoud live and Kamiel In België 12/08/2023

Raymond van het Groenewoud - Facebook 08-12-2023 (

Nits The Nits, 12/22/1984 04/01/2024

Nits - Facebook 01-04-2024 (

The Huffington Post

On December 29th, 2017, an article on my blog appeared on The Huffington Post. I was interviewed by Aisha K. Staggers, writer. Her findings were published under the title A Pop Life: The Music of Black America from Outside of America, One Blogger’s View. A very proud moment for me and my blog!

FM op 5

On July 9th, 20222, I was interviewed on Dutch radio show FM op 5. The reason for the interview was the article I wrote about the best show I ever witnessed: Prince & The Revolution overwhelm The Netherlands. See the article FM op 5, Prince & A Pop Life. Yet another proud moment for me: interview by Dutch radio guru Felix Meurders.