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As a tribute to Prince and the commemoration of his passing, the A Pop Life Panel suggested to select and present the best Prince albums. Following Prince – The 25 best live bootlegs!, Prince – The 15 best B-sides!, Prince – The 15 best remixes! and Prince 1958-2016: 5 years later, this is the list containing the 15 best Prince albums!

Why a top 15?

In 2019 the A Pop Life Panel published the first article Prince – The 25 best live bootlegs!. Both the compilation and the many positive reactions and comments made us decide to undertake the same process many times after. For this article, as a tribute to Prince and the 5 year anniversary of his passing we decided to have a go at the best albums.

Bram, Edward, Herman, Leon, Rick, Vincent and me went to work with great zeal and compiled our own personal top 15. Before going to the list, some remarks:

  • The album with the highest score wins and so on. The points are calculated as follows:
    • Number 1: 15 points
    • Number 2: 14 points
    • Etc

    All points are added up, which results in the definitive list.

  • If more than 1 album ends up with the same number of points, the sorting order is expanded with the year of initial (intended) release (old to new) and the album title (alphabetically).
  • The album has to have been released before Prince’s passing, so before April 21st, 2016.
  • Each album can be picked, this also includes live and compilation albums.

With pride and sincere gratitude to Bram, Edward, Herman, Leon, Rick and Vincent, these are Prince’s 15 best albums!

Prince - Sign O' The Times (

Prince – Sign O’ The Times

1. Sign O’ The Times



Bram Now the whole world knows. With the release of the Deluxe Edition we saw what a pile of gold Prince was sitting on. Hear what Alan Leeds or Susan Rogers have to say about this period and your jaw drops. Even the people who were so close to Prince still don’t understand. How could one man, in such a short time, accomplish all this…? Everything is just right here: every song is in its right place, the flow is wonderful. Not a single miss. The album cover is also superb. One of his finest. This album has only highlights for me. Just when you are convinced that your Lovesexy CD will suffice during your stay on an uninhabited island (now a theme)… Forget it…!
Edward Sign O’ The Times should, of course, not be omissed in this list. Generally regarded as his best work. And originated from the unreleased projects Dream Factory and Crystal Ball. The double album does indeed contain toppers: its committed minimalist title track, funk odysseys Housequake and Hot Thing, time-for-the-dance floor It, gospel Forever In My Life, the very strong sensual If I Was Your Girlfriend, the magisterial Strange Relationship (although I like the Wendy & Lisa mix even better), the uplifting U Got The Look (though I am missing the long uplifting intro of the film version here), the swinging It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night, and the majestic The Cross. It all comes together even better in the concert film. Unfortunately a grotesque mistake here: Personally, I think I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man is a terrible monstrosity on the record. While the rest sounds so innovative, this song gives the impression it was put together in 5 minutes; a really awful track in this context. Even the original outtake version from 1979 (on Sign O’ The Times Deluxe) is 10x more exciting than this one here. I simply cannot put my head around it why it appears on this album. And therefore probably less high than one would expect in this top 15. I can fully understand it being number 1 in the joined list though.
Erwin From 1985 to 1987 Prince recorded un unfathomable amount of music. A selection was released on Sign O’ The Times, a kaleidoscopic double album that showed all of Prince’s facets. Crucial!
Herman Yup. This album. There is a reason it is top of the list of many people and critics and the album that is described as his magnus opus more than any other and there is a reason for that; it is without fault. Truly. And that can be said for the three albums that came before and the two that came after (counting The Black Album, in this case), but Sign O’ The Times dazzles because of the sheer size of the brilliance, lackadaisical savoir-faire and vast number of pristine compositions that filled it. As I said; truly without fault; I love every single song on there, adore every B-side, and held its cover and inside sleeves more than any other album, but most of all; its tour made me a die-hard fam and gave me a nothing short of a spiritual revelation. I made true on my 1986 promise by attending every single Dutch 1987 concert and was blown away every night. I’ve tried to describe the feeling of all the excitement that had been building up for weeks before I attended them, and the feeling that came over me when I got roller coasted by one of the most brilliant live shows ever, and the accumulation of all those feelings in one single song; Prince’s live version of Forever In My Life, a long workout, with its opening guitar tones and the sea of flashing lights in Galgenwaard stadium, that pulsated on its mechanical beat, outward from the front of the stage, but if you were in that podium, and turned around, you saw it pulse away to the top of the stadium, reaching for the darkening sky and stars.
As I said; spiritual. It floored me. And as I was a non-smoker, the night after it happened the first time, I bought a lighter to be able to be part of that wave. Sigh.
Beside the four perfect sides of music, it has everything I love most; the photography, the art-design, the fonts, the most beautiful tourbook he ever produced.
But it also had MORE music; it had the Madhouse albums, it had The Black Album, it had the Jill Jones album, the third Sheila E. album. And I came home from the concert with my first ever bootleg tapes. All of it combined made 1987 the mad fun fair ride I am glad I was able to witness in person. Fam4Life.
Leon A sign in time, this album. I hear a more mature Prince who has a different sound, it’s a bit less macho and less sexy… maybe more spiritual. The title track, Housequake and If I Was Your Girlfriend are my favorite songs. The fact that a concert film was also released certainly contributed to making this album a favorite, I think I’ve seen the film 200 times.
Rick This is Prince his Magnum Opus. In general the critics consider this to be his best album. In this case I totally agree. The more I played it the more I liked it. I recall so many enjoyable listening sessions with my headphones on. Every time I discovered more and new details in the songs.
Vincent Prince’s second double album and what a great one! Exciting songs (It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night), pop songs (I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man and U Got The Look), beautiful ballads (Adore and Slow Love). The Cross with its wonderful guitar solo, for me personally the number 2.
Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day (

Prince And The Revolution – Around The World In A Day

2. Around The World In A Day



Bram The richness of this record is at the same time its appeal to me. The record sways, as it were. I am not bored for one single moment. And to think that this record was already in the bag before the release of Purple Rain… That thought alone is startling… And those incredible single releases, with all those great B-sides. Just… wow.
Edward Quite a bit different from the commercial sound of his previous release, and clearly no appetite for a Purple Rain part II, this album sees Prince experimenting with psychedelic styles, unconventional instruments and lucious, sometimes cryptic textures. The beautifully colorful cover refers to the equally vibrant picturesque musical content that can be listened to on this record. For all these reasons, it is often cited as Prince’s Sgt. Pepper. It all served as a future template, as the rest of the world would soon learn. I thought it was wonderfully eccentric, quirky, yet accessible, with poppy tracks like Raspberry Beret, Pop Life (both of which served nicely as singles), the critical staccato America, the beautiful 7-minute piano ballad Condition Of The Heart with a lush 2.5 minute instrumental intro: very sincere and profound. The Ladder can be seamlessly connected to the end of the song Purple Rain (and thus the only connection to its predecessor). A wonderfully colorful collection of tracks, however my two favorites are the wonderfully light and trippy Tamborine, in which the lyrics serve as a series of thinly veiled commentaries on the joys of masturbation, with a burst of multi-track harmonies halfway through the song, ecstatic and spontaneous sounding, almost like gospel. Second favorite is closing song Temptation: 8 minutes of heavily exaggerated bombast of guitars and drums – say Prince as Hendrix, vocals that go in all directions uncontrollably, the dialogue with God about the difference between love and sex, and that mystique again at the end: “I don’t know when I’ll return” …. indeed: the Prince we hear on this record has never returned in this form.
Erwin The album after the major hit. Prince stated he was in a ‘fuck you’ mood, he wanted to make something for his fans. And we all thank him for it. From the very first notes of the flute up to the dialog between Prince and God it’s like being in heaven. Often characterized as a Beatles record, but essentially a highly underrated funk album.
Herman Not many people put this album high on their list, rather overshadowed by its predecessor, but somehow, sometimes, I like it better than any other album because of the following reason; its sessions produced a song that is often my favorite Prince song ever; the craving, lonely lushness that is Girl, the B-side to the America single. Somehow its waterfall of synths, the way he uses his voice like an instrument, worked its way into my heart and soul and stayed with me, even to this day it can make me stop anything I am doing and close my eyes to just listen. And just a few years later I would get my first bootleg tape with outtakes and it had Heaven on it, another one of those synth smorgasm spreads that I love so much.
But I often quote this as one of my favorite albums, not only because of the aforementioned flow of the album, but also because it was SUCH a rich roster of releases; we did not only get a gorgeous album, filled with treasures that Prince kept on playing up until his last tour, but we got singles with extended versions, remixes, but most of all; non-album material that was good enough to have been on the album, if not better; She’s Always In My Hair alone makes it to the top of people’s lists.
Also a tip of the hat to the art-design of all of this; the sleeves, the specially designed fonts all made this feel distinctly different to the album that came before and to me made it a separate chapter of one of the most exciting books I’ve ever listened to.
Leon The Beatle album. A bit tripy and dreamy, experimental. Not for every mainstream fan, I guess. 2 songs that stand out for me: America and Tamborine. Pity though that those songs are so short.
Rick This was the first Prince album I ever bought. I was a bit late for the Purple Rain party, and just when I was about to buy it Around The World In A Day was released. This is a key album in my musical education as it opened doors to so many more music styles. The world music feel of the title track, made me listen to the likes of Fela Kuti and Manu Ciao. The funk rock pop and jazzy stuff created my interest bands like Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, the Peppers, Miles Davis and Ronny Jorden to name just a few.
Vincent The album after Purple Rain and was slightly more psychedelic and mystical than its predecessor. At that moment I became a full Prince fan and bought everything (12 inch extended versions and alternative versions) concerning Prince, so the beginning of the end;). Favorites: Paisley Park (one of my dogs is called Paisley), Condition Of The Heart, Pop Life and The Ladder.
Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain (

Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain

3. Purple Rain



Bram Because it’s such a well-established path to listing Purple Rain, I was tempted to skip it. But of course we’re not going to do that! It is no wonder this record is loved by everyone. Just look at all these songs and you see, no need to argue here. 50,000,000 Prince fams can’t be wrong…
Edward Purple Rain, the album why everyone in the world knows who Prince is. This time a full band effort, with The Revolution. Musically fuller than previous albums, multiple layers of guitars, keyboards, electronic synthesizer effects, drum machines and other instruments. And with a touch of psychedelic shine to the production in the mix. Every genius was used to make the purple rain flow worldwide. And even though it has now turned completely purple, sometimes to the point of being annoying, with 25 million copies sold and at 8 in the Top 500 best albums of all-time, it remains an absolute milestone. We cannot ignore it. And neither can I, in this top 15.
The record has an enormous drive, it kept my full attention from start to finish, maybe as well because I loved it so much, that purple colored record spinning on my record player (the very first pressing was on purple vinyl). With a first trendsetter Let’s Go Crazy, the opener, rightly so. What energy this track emits. With that great guitar solo at the end… pure magic! Followed by an obligatory pop duet with Apollonia, his female opponent in the film of the same name. The ballad The Beautiful Ones gives us a deep look into the Prince psych, in a heartbreaking and very convincing way. Computer Blue and Darling Nikki: Prince at the top of his game. Raw, vulgar, just delicious. He never sounded like that again afterwards. Music critics also often referred to the experimental aspects, f.e. the innovative When Doves Cry, without bass. And an exceptionally energetic trio to close, just like in the movie: I Would Die 4 U, the very exciting and playful Baby I’m A Star and ending with the majestic Purple Rain. 9 minutes of monumental Purpleness. A fun fact about the latter: he reportedly offered Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks the chance to write the lyrics for an early instrumental version of the song. “It was so overwhelming when I listened to it and I just got scared,” Nicks recalled. She called him back and said, “I can’t. I wish I could. It’s too much for me. In retrospect, I’m so glad I didn’t.”
Erwin The breakthrough album that contains his best song ever: When Doves Cry. It all gels on this album and it catapulted Prince to superstardom. From then on he could do whatever he wanted to do and luckily he did!
Herman Step one in my Prince famdom; locked in my room, playing this over and over again. It’s kind of obvious why this made Prince a star and why its title song gets played most by non-rabid fans, but that’s also what keeps it from the top of my list. But, more than any album that came before, Prince delivered such a focused album it was, and is, hard to ignore.
What is amazing to me is how he crafted the flow of the album, honing down longer songs into tighter forms so he could include what was important to get the message across. As we get to know more and more about how it came together, through songs on the Purple Rain Deluxe and info from the book that Duane Tudahl wrote about the recording sessions (which to me, with The Vault site, is my funk bible), the album seems to deserve its legendary status.
Leon Maybe the most commercial but for me the best album, because every song is just right and 100% spot on. It is a convincing album, solid, full of energy, light but with a wonderfully naughty edge (Darling Nikki). Purple Rain is and remains his most catchy and inspiring song for me, usually also the first song people name if they’re asked if they know Prince’s music, his magnus opus.
Rick Prince his big breakthrough and commercial success, and rightfully so. All songs are great. In this phase in his career he had not only his own style he created his own genre. His creativity and output seemed limitless. In the slipstream of Purple Rain soon to followed albums from The Time, Apollonia 6, Vanity 6, Sheila E Jill Jones, The Family and many more.
Vincent For me Purple Rain is the most complete album that I personally love; ripping guitars, screaming ballads and an apotheosis that is unparalleled. The album is great from start to finish and has made Prince a mega star. It is not without reason that many songs from the album occupy high spots every year in the Dutch top 2000. A personal note: I would rather have seen the song Electric Intercourse on the album than Take Me With U, but that is personal.
Prince - 1999 (

Prince – 1999

4. 1999



Bram 1999 only contains, say, big hits. Reportedly, that was the goal in writing the songs; to make the real step to the mainstream. Mission accomplished I would say. I only really got to know most of the songs on this record through the later live shows in Prince’s career by the way. On stage these songs are of course also rock solid.
Edward A giant step for mankind… to start off small. A fantastic and daring experiment: a record with a dominant role for synthesizers and drum machines, especially the Linn LM1. It produces a very bare production but oh, so effective. And yet it remains super funky! Music that grabbed me by the throat. In my opinion, there is really not a single mistake on this record. Party theme # 1 of all-time: 1999, poppy hit Little Red Corvette, rockabilly Delirious (listen to the unreleased full-length 6 minute version on 1999 Deluxe… damn!). I went completely mad with Let’s Pretend We’re Married, a 2nd party song D.M.S.R., two particularly sexually tinted trax Automatic (bondage) and Lady Cab Driver (discover for yourself!), the phenomenal mysteriously sterile Something In The Water (Does Not Compute), the critically new-wavy All The Critics Love U In New York and 2 ballads Free (on the piano!) and Prince-once-again-as-the-vocal-acrobat with International Lover as a closing statement. “Welcome aboard flight Seduction 747!”
Ultimately intended to make the crossover to the general public. In the USA this worked, in Europe not quite yet, but MTV made up for a lot because 1999 and Little red Corvette were played purple. The cover (of the original double LP) is controversial to say the least and certainly reason for a closer inspection: the 1 of “1999” in the shape of a cock, the emblem in the I of Prince with ‘and the Revolution’ in mirror writing (a first reference to his backing band) and the Rude Boy button in the second 9 of “1999”, referring to his previous record Controversy.
Although already a fan of Prince since 1981’s Controversy, I only bought this double LP a week after the release of Purple Rain, so in July 1984 (because it was quite expensive for a student, buying records). I immediately loved it, everything on this record was fantastic. Period! So I now had 2 of them within one week of a luminous world class and at the same time startling and eyebrow rising for me. I was finally given full access to the astonishing world called Prince. And once I got there, I immediately shot into space. And that would last for decades ….
Nice anecdote: Years later, when I met Bram (in 2003), he told me that he had joined Prince much later, at Lovesexy. 1999?! Never bought it, way too disco! Hahaha, that’s a joke which, 18 years later, still lives on when we listen to music.
Erwin Barring Free a perfect album. That dry sound, those synths and funky guitar. Assembled in his home studio. Just think being there, observing!
Herman The highest album on my list that was released before I became fan and the one I gravitated towards most when tracking back, as you can see how Prince is honing his craft of making concise albums that take you places. This album certainly does and whereas Purple Rain‘s tight jams became the one that made it big, this is the one where he started painting in colors and the one that got him his biggest hits up until then.
But most of all 1999 is the album that stretches out his jams and every sound is just right. I must admit, having the remastered version lifted this album even higher than it was before and the Super Deluxe is my baby.
Leon 1999 that year or number is not just a year or number for all Prince fans; it always rings a Prince bell, even if it’s the price of a t-shirt. What a great album again, especially because of long tracks such as: D.M.S.R., Automatic and Lady Cab Driver. I also think it’s an album with a good dose of humor, especially in songs like: Little Red Corvette and International Lover. How did he come up with it, you wonder. The master of metaphors. With Little Red Corvette, it took me a while to figure everything out… Trojan… doesn’t refer to the horse.
Rick The decision between number 3 and 4 in my top 15 was just the flip of the coin. Imho 1999 is about as good as Purple Rain. Maybe it is a bit less consistent and more experimental. But I love the long funky jams like D.M.S.R. and Lady Cab Driver on this album.
Vincent The first double album by Prince, where the megastar is already predating himself towards eternal fame. Wonderful funky songs interspersed with rock and R&B. For the youth who want to discover Prince’s music, this is a perfect entry-level. Favorites: 1999, Little Red Corvette, Free and International Lover.
Prince - Lovesexy (

Prince – Lovesexy

5. Lovesexy



Bram Lovesexy is the starting point of my passion for Prince. We are 33 years later, I haven’t been able to let go of neither one. So, this is where the mania started. As soon as I hear the opening notes of this album, well, they got me every time. What a magical Prince year it was for me, ’88. As a total package this is my absolute favorite: the concerts, the aftershows, the band, the aftermath of The Black Album, the maxi releases. The entire style. I think everything is simply sublime. The reason for this will probably lie in the fact that I consciously experienced this Prince period. By that I mean: seeing singles from this album literally end up in the record bin on the day of release and stuff like that. I consider Lovesexy an island; It’s all on its own (oh dear, now the hyperbolas are coming, but I have to have a nice conclusion to my story). An island, I think it’s a nice imagery. It is pleasant to stay on this island. I always want to go back to it. In fact, I never want to leave this island ever again.
Erwin Another unique work of art, into which Prince poured out his heart and soul. From start to finish all excitement, amazement and pure bliss. How is it even humanly possible that all this comes from just one man, especially when realizing it followed his already mind blowing run from 1980 to 1987? The album was followed by the amazing tour that silenced friend and foe forever more.
Herman After the dark, gritty funk of Sign O’ The Times and The Black Album, Lovesexy was pristine, clear and obviously gospel, albeit mostly described in openly inviting prose and social commentary. It was clear; Prince loved his god and somehow, I was along for the ride. Not all his religious revelations were as appealing to me as this one, one where everybody seemed to be invited, as long as your heart was pure.
It was beyond nice that alternate recordings of some of the songs on the album exist, just to show us that the sound of the released is singular in his oeuvre; it was the sound he tried to catch with this album.
And it worked; the first two singles without pictorial sleeves, the revelations he shared with us felt personal, confessional and were packed into a tour-de-force live spectacle, rightly broadcast and released on video. Having witnessed the tour, I can say that, even though no video can capture the actual feeling of attending a live artist like Prince, the video is awesome.
Leon When I think of Lovesexy, I think of: a lot of energy, positivity, complex music (you discover more and more sound) and again the live film recording made the experience complete.
Vincent One of Prince’s more spiritual albums. When I bought it, the original was mixed as a continuous sequence and it was a fight between good and bad. For me with highlights such as Anna Stesia, Alphabet St. and Positivity.
Prince And The Revolution - Parade (

Prince And The Revolution – Parade

6. Parade



Bram The first question that comes to mind with this record is: what will be included on a possible release of a Parade deluxe? See the tracklisting of the Sign O’ The Times Deluxe and you want to know: is there still any material left in the vault? It seems that we have most of this period now… Yes, I can name a few outtake candidates, but still… Anyhow, I look forward to it, because what a masterpiece this is. All songs form a dazzling unity. Everything is almost ‘bare’, ‘stripped down’ to the maximum that is needed here. Even so, the sound is warm and organic. What a missed opportunity it was that Prince & The Revolution could no longer continue with this style. I would have loved to add the successor, Dream Factory, to my collection. Hopefully, with a little luck, someday we can settle for a hell of a Parade deluxe!
Erwin Baroque funk on a unique, versatile and influential (neo-soul!) album, which is sadly underrated. Prince brings innovation, experiment, catchy riffs and emotion to the table and creates an irresistible melting pot of styles, grooves and mood. Will never be repeated again!
Herman I realize my top 7 is the entire 1982/1988 era, but no other artist has managed to fascinate me for that long, album after album, as Prince has; record albums, release singles and perform live shows tied all together in one package that spoke to me like no other. Every album was a new sound, a new look and he made it sound/look effortless.
Same with Parade; awesome album, another singular sound; take a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but what came out was absolutely PRINCE.
In this case another rainbow of sounds, packed in a black and white stylish sleeve. To me, this is the first time an album tied in with a show us Europeans could catch and it blew me away. I just caught one of the Dutch shows and when I realized not all the shows were the same, I vowed to catch every single one of them next time. So basically, step two in becoming a rabid fan.
After his two previous albums, this one hit hard, in a good way; the bare, stone-cold funk mashed up with the lush orchestrations of Clare Fisher, which made me love Rufus and Chaka Khan’s Ask Rufus so much harder, made me adore this album.
As with all of Prince’s albums, the flow of it was important to him, and was another reason why this set sounds so tight, much helped by the fact that the drums of the first four songs were recorded in one go, as he could hear them together in his mind, even before he recorded them. Total genius.
Rick The eighties are his best era imho. He managed to surprise with every new release. And following 1999, Purple Rain and Around The World In A Day, Parade once again sounded like nothing else. The emphasis on this record is more on funky jazz this time.
Vincent Initially it took some time getting used to the composition, but the more I listened to the album, the better it got. The song Kiss is of course world famous, but for me a few lesser known songs stand out; Under The Cherry Moon, Venus De Milo and Sometimes It Snows In April are beautiful. Again a personal note: Alexa De Paris should have been added as well, wonderful musical song!
Prince - Dirty Mind (

Prince – Dirty Mind

7. Dirty Mind



Bram Not one disappointing song on this record. It has only (Prince) classics. I can list all the pinnacles, but that is really unnecessary. By the way, this record always reminds me of an interview with Beck. That was sometime in the 1990’s. Beck had also noticed that the recent material was all a bit less exciting. He said, “To rekindle the flame, I would love to lock up Prince in a studio (and throw away the key) where there is only a two-track recorder and a detuned piano…”
Edward A fusion of unpolished post-disco, new wave, funk and dance, 1980’s Dirty Mind is considered Prince’s most creative and certainly his most daring album. Not only questionable themes (oral sex, incest and ejaculation) drew attention, but also Prince’s high female vocals, along with his androgynous image during this era. He would expand it to a next level with successor Controversy. For me (and many others) it was certainly one of the most controversial 30 minutes in music. The trax sound very raw, being the intention; they just turned out to be virtually unedited demos. Strongest Tracks: When You Were Mine, Head, Uptown and the title track itself. This half hour is uninhibited enjoyment of the early Prince.
Erwin The first of the genius run. Contains a new-wave song in When You Were Mine and the ultimate Prince sex song in Head. Short, overwhelming record.
Herman No matter how good it is, I was a Purple Rain entry fan, so most his stuff before that got discovered in retrospect. And this, with 1999, are the ones that stick with me for the obvious reasons; awesome from start to finish. To me, this is where Prince got great; his first style change album, something that made me such a fan, somewhat, but not much later.
Leon On Dirty Mind I hear Prince the way I prefer to hear him; funking, rocking, dirty and especially not giving a f**k. He makes up his own mind and challenges, with a lot of bravado and macho behavior. Head and Sister, will have left many people in shock and, above all, made people want to know nothing about him. For me the total opposite: dirty mind is a joy for life 🙂
Rick Compared to his first two albums this one is a lot rawer and sparsely arranged. The emphasis is on funk and rock songs. Less is more in this case.
Vincent Wonderful album with funk and kind of new wave oriented songs. It is Prince’s most sexual album. Favorites: Uptown, When You Were Mine and Dirty Mind.
Prince - The Black Album (

Prince – The Black Album

8. The Black Album

(1987, 1994)


Bram From ’86 onwards, I was a serious OOR reader. At first for very different artists than Prince. But at OOR it was impossible to escape Prince; there was some kind of story on him every month. Partly because of this, my interest started to arise; it kept making me curious. I also remember from that time -this took place sometime in March of 1988, I quickly looked that up- the following. During a car ride the radio was on, tuned to Veronica. The whole day they announced with excitement: we got ‘m and we are going to play it in its entirety tonight! Well, I heeded that excitement, because apparently something exciting was happening here. So my tape recorder was ready… Let’s say, that cassette tape was my very first bootleg. The rest is history.
Edward Yes, The Black Album aka The Funk Bible should be really high on my list. It will soon become obvious why. If you had to name one Prince album which is driven, it is this one! From opener Le Grind it is all funk & party with When 2 R In Love as the only resting point. Cindy C, an ode to Cindy Crawford, features a rap by Steve Silk Hurley, one of the most influential house producers at the time. That also caught my attention because I bought everything concerning the Chicago House in 1987. Dead On It is an ironic dig to the rap and hip-hop scene of that moment (rappers can’t sing, was his approach, and I think he had a point there). Bob George is without a doubt the strangest and at the same time iconic song Prince ever recorded and for me one of the main reasons why this is such a great album. It has a lot of accelerated and delayed use of the voice, to confirm the anonymity of the record (black cover without any markings of the artist). We weren’t supposed to hear that it was Prince (duuuh!). Bob George hosts a monologue recited by a very slowed-down, virtually unrecognizable voice of Prince, assuming the identity of a man with a richly blasphemous vocabulary who suspects his girlfriend is having an affair. The weapon-wielding alter ego then fires a multitude of gunshots in an emerging manic episode including confrontational booty-bass schizophrenia only eventually, to be raided by the police. Some say the song is a response to the increasing glorification of violence and misogyny in gangsta rap. Truly an extraordinarily formidable criminal track. Anyway, after that it’s back to top funk with Superfunkycalifragisexy. Really delicious! 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton is a frantic, instrumental funk jazz jam. The album concludes with the infectious Rockhard In A Funky Place including delicious honking from saxophonist Eric Leeds. Rockhard is, indeed, referring to the condition of his mowing tool because, as the lyrics explain, he hates when a woody is wasted.
As already mentioned, the “black” refers to the anonymity with which Prince wanted to release the album (all black sleeve, sticker Warner Bros., nothing else, no artist name), as well as to the color of the cover. The album was apparently intended in response to the growing criticism, particularly in the USA, he was becoming too pop-oriented (with Sign O’ The Times) and denying his black roots. He had something to prove which is reflected in the fanaticism of the album. We know the story by now: in the first week of December 1987, angry Spooky Electric had created this album, the record spews depravity… everything had to disappear in a flash, Prince decided, at the very last minute. Half a million vinyl records in Germany, woppa into the destruction mill. A handful were saved and are therefore proudly present in a few selective purple households in the world. However, that mystical fire just ignited a worldwide explosion: 33 years later, the The Black Album still is, with many hundreds of thousands of copies, the best-selling bootleg album of all-time. During 1988, when I still had a bootleg of it, many nights were lost due to the recording of a huge amount of cassette tapes, because everyone in my circle of friends / acquaintances wanted to get a piece of this phenomenon… in those days, there were no MP3s and burning a CD within 2 minutes. The prices for an original LP from 1987 have skyrocketed after his death in April 2016. In recent years these were sold for resp. $ 27,500 and $42,298. On a personal note, the album has a much deeper meaning for me than just the music and the mysticism. Exactly in that same first week of December 1987, I was in the deepest darkest valley I ever experienced in my life, with only 21 years on the counter, so the ‘black’ of the album is, at least for me, multi-interpretable. Also for me a week that I wish to delete ….
Erwin The ‘missing link’ between Sign O’ The Times and Lovesexy, a party album with danceable songs and funny twists. Contains Bob George, the most atypical of all Prince songs ever.
Herman Worth its legendary status for Le Grind and Rockhard In A Funky Place alone.
It is such a focused album and does what it is designed for; D.M.S.R. 2 the max. But the funk served here is even more hedonistic that what came before. It was partly compiled around tracks recorded for a party and that is what this is; party hardy, Prince style, dirty and in your face, but so cheeky and fun, it’s hard to find fault in its funk.
Prince - The Gold Experience (

Prince – The Gold Experience

9. The Gold Experience



Bram What blissful Prince years those were, ’93-’95. Too much has happened here to write about now. The excitement also started again via the radio by the way. The radio had received a DAT tape with new work by Prince. My tape recorder was ready again… What a great phase had arrived. Finally songs to make you really happy. I was blown away by Interactive and Now. That tape I have worn out… Anyway, fast forward (we’ll try to keep it short). The Gold Experience is full of absolute favorites and is wonderful to listen to as a complete album. However, I can argue with everyone about whether the right choices have been made, regarding to the track listing. The omission of Days Of Wild still hurts to this day… This one is just an example. But hey, what can you do ’bout it? Again: what a magical phase, with many highlights, in the Prince or let’s say history!
Edward A great return to better days, this time in the mid-90s. There was a remarkable output of splendid material during the period 1993-1995 so when sessions for The Gold Experience were completed, a few possible configurations had already been discussed. Unfortunately, according to many, the eventual result is somewhat of a letdown. Days Of Wild and Interactive had since been eliminated, which is really incomprehensible! These two songs would have made The Gold Experience perfect for me. Full of energy, coherent and complete. The Gold Experience would be the next Purple Rain, Prince told the press. However, no second visit to highlights of conceptual art and commercial stardom such as the magnum opus from the mid-80s. But there are still a few diamonds to be found here: Endorphinmachine (although totally flat here, I miss the rawness of previous versions), Shhh, Now, Dolphin, 319, Hate U, Gold.
By the way, did U know that this was my favorite concert tour of all-times? U can read all about it in my article Prince 1995 Ultimate Live Experience in Holland.
Erwin The album that was never going to be released, yet could be picked up in stores in September 1995. Prince had clearly rediscovered his mojo. Beautiful album!
Herman Prince seemed torn between his R&B/rap output and his harder rocking tracks, thus splitting Come and The Gold Experience in half. What Come and this one both have in common; a title track I don’t care about. But this album, so tied up with his end game with his soon to be former record company, to me is tied up with a fantastic string of live performances, where a lot of these songs , and more, were performed before the album ever was released. And some of the songs considered were released by Prince beforehand, to push his record company to release this.
Rick I remember when this album was just released. A friend and me walked into the local bar. The bartender and drummer asked, “Did you hear the new Prince? He still got it”. And intro of Shhh blasted out of the speakers. This was the first good album since Lovesexy seven years earlier.
Vincent For me an album where Prince plays some more rock songs. Personally, I like Prince who plays rock more so for me grist to the mill. I especially love the Endorphinmachine! Favorites: Endorphinmachine, Shhh, Dolphin, Hate U and Gold.
Prince - Controversy (

Prince – Controversy

10. Controversy



Bram This is the record I associate the most with Prince’s characteristic Fender guitar. The guitar licks in the title track are so incredibly irresistible. Compared to Dirty Mind, he stays a bit more between the lines on this album. So I am very curious how, if these exist, the demos sound…
Edward Here lies the origin of why I became a Prince fan! The innovative part, pushing boundaries, his androgynous appearance at the time. Continuing this gender bending idea which started the album before, Dirty Mind. And thus, the reason why this album crashes so high in this top 15. In 1981 the full album version of the song Controversy was often played in the Soul Show on Thursday evenings, as one of the few places at the time where Prince was regularly passing by. When I saw the video, I was completely sold. A man in purple stilettos, matching trench coat and make-up?! Wow! Not so much that I found him attractive, but pushing and exploring boundaries was very intriguing for me. In addition, the album is riddled with speculations about Prince at the time, such as his sexuality, gender, religion and racial background, and how he couldn’t understand all that curiosity about him, fueled by all those headlines on the cover. Prince tries to shift the attention to the music, with more important themes at hand such as the cold war that was raging at the time (Ronnie, Talk To Russia), the murders of Afro Americans and John Lennon (Annie Christian, meant as a pun for the anti-christ). Obviously, unrestricted sexuality is also preached in abundance as the foundation for a more loving society (Sexuality, Private Joy, Do Me Baby,Let’s Work, Jack U Off). In addition, this is Prince’s first album with an association to the color purple and also the so-called sensational spelling (U, 2, 4 as in: you, to, for). And with this album, I also found an introduction to Prince’s 12″ catalog, namely Let’s Work with a longer version of no less than 8 minutes b/w Gotta Stop Messin’ About, the first real B-side (an outtake of the Dirty Mind sessions); today this is a much sought after 12-inch. There was a lot of more excitement to come ….
Erwin A transitional album, but essential: its first side is 100% perfect!
Leon Controversy not only as a release but also in the top 15 consecutively. A logical continuation. He knows what people think of him and elaborates on this in the title track. By the way, the intro can last for 20 minutes as far as I’m concerned, what a pulsating groove. Furthermore, all the commentary on Dirty Mind also applies to this album. Let’s work contains his best bass line and is typically Prince funk, tight and minimalistic and sang in falsetto. The somewhat more politically conscious and preaching Prince is also present, now in: Ronnie, Talk To Russia… not the first time but especially not the last time an album contains several messages (not just for the ladies).
Vincent This time a somewhat more political Prince album with a funky touch. Favorites: Controversy, Let’s Work and how could it be anything else, Do Me Baby one of Prince’s best ballads for me.
Prince - Come (

Prince – Come

11. Come



Bram What a fantastic promotion it would have been if Come and The Gold Experience had been released simultaneously. Goodnight Prince, hello . of course hoped to be the winner with The Gold Experience, but I say Come has won. Because there are so many great things on this one. This period is simply fantastic. And here too, let’s say dry, the production is magnificent.
Edward It is etched in my memory: on March 6, 1994 Prince sent a tape with eight new songs to Dutch radio stations including Interactive, Pheromone, Loose, 319, Endorphinmachine and an 11-minute version of The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, containing different mixes that appeared subsequently on the maxi EP. I felt that a new Prince era was dawning. What great songs these were! And a few weeks later, it was already all available on CD (albeit a bootleg: Now!). These were wonderful times. By the way, for the sake of clarity, many of the above mentioned tracks (unfortunately) did not end up on the Come CD. The title track of course did: the original Poem (a.k.a. Come) was split up, the last part of which became Orgasm. The guitar sound on Orgasm is a sample of a guitar solo with feedback from Private Joy from his 1981 album Controversy. The moaning on Orgasm is that of Vanity, recorded in 1983 for the unreleased track Vibrator.
The overall tone on Come is dark and experimental in nature as Prince kept the up-tempo and more commercial material for The Gold Experience. Prince dissed the record as “old material”. It is Warner Bros.‘s very last album under the name Prince, hence his “death” on the cover, 1958-1993. The fight with Warner Bros. and no promotion from Prince whatsoever made this record somewhat obscure at the time. Prince wanted Warner Bros. to release the Come and The Gold Experience records at the same time, so that the Prince material (Come) could compete with The Gold Experience (which Prince considered superior), under his new temporary name, an unpronounceable symbol. Warner Bros however, refused to release both albums at the same time, fearing that the market would be flooded.
Ok, that said: Come, it’s a great album! The bare production and almost claustrophobic sound fits in well with the somewhat somber tone of the songs. Even the cover has been adapted to its contents, black & white, and dark. Though it contains very strong songs and sounds much more coherent and powerful than The Gold Experience. Sorry, Prince. Pheromone, Loose, Race, Papa, Dark, Solo, Space are all little gems. As well as the single Letitgo. A well-deserved high position in my top 15.
Erwin Fantastic album by Prince who was about to embark on his period.
Herman He could not fool me; the title song was way better in its earlier versions and stopped me dead in my tracks from even remotely liking it. But the rest is awesome; a left-over product of tracks that started with the ill-fated Glam Slam Ulysses dance performance and, as most these tracks sprung up around the same time as when he started touting his The Gold Experience, this period melts into one amazing pot of awesome songs that is a treasure trove for playlist maniacs; how to compile one amazing set of the ’93/’94 output.
Prince - The Rainbow Children (

Prince – The Rainbow Children

12. The Rainbow Children



Bram And so we come to what turns out to be Prince’s most controversial record… I will never forget my first listening moment of The Rainbow Children with Herman. I myself, I must admit, am a music listener in which the lyrics of a song are secondary to me. Not that there is no interest in the content of a lyric -it is not like that-, but the music predominates for me. Anyway, with Herman it is clearly different. I can still see his face in disbelief: “Do I really hear P. say all this?” Listen to Muse 2 The Pharaoh and you know what I mean. “But this is not possible, Bram?” “Well, but the music is incredible”, was my ‘simple’ answer. “Right…?” At the time there were even reviews that had reactions during the first listening sessions such as: “We got a bit irritated by his preaching, but could not keep our feet still…” And with that last comment they hit the nail for me, because there is so much happening here musically, you want to keep listening to it. And those I talk to about this very album, do this very thing: despite the occasional cringe, there is still a lot of appreciation for this album. Apparently the music wins. With The Rainbow Children, Prince simply pushed the boundaries on all fronts that commanded admiration. Admiration, because he once again entered the (musical) adventure full of passion. Xpectation from this period is also such a wonderful example of this. Good, glad I could mention that one too… Back to the subject… As said, his most controversial. One that I hold very highly. And oh, that tour that was all about this album was great. I think Prince did win some souls with those concerts… (at least he didn’t have to knock on doors). During these shows he was again at the high of his peak. Brings back good memories. Final conclusion: 2001-2003 was a very strong Prince season. Amen
Edward Musically, Prince once again pushes boundaries through experiments with jazz(funk) on this concept album from the winter of 2001. And it is certainly true, The Rainbow Children was an important musical and spiritual turning point in Prince’s career. However, it is also a reaffirmation of the creativity that Prince had always been known for. Spiritual evolution for Prince? Rightfully so. It’s just a pity that the album was clouded by the somewhat exaggerated references to the bible/Jehovah through the slowed down deep voice, which sometimes makes it all sound a bit pedantic. It is precisely the heavily distorted voiceover that forces me to listen more carefully to what he is saying exactly so I can no longer pay any attention to the music. By the third time you start to think: Shut up already, damn! The story in a nutshell: via the aforementioned biblical chronicles and various speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. a utopian society is rising, a new nation, built by the Rainbow Children, a group of people who have obtained some kind of spiritual enlightenment. Let’s just keep it at that for now. The story is quite complicated and by the 3rd sentence you already fall asleep. However, the album is a wonderful combination of sublime trax, that work wonderfully together, despite big differences. This album contains many diamonds: the mysterious Digital Garden, the funky The Work, jazzy Mellow, 1+1+1=3, gospel Family Name, the extremely danceable and compelling Everlasting Now….
All Prince fans have very fond memories of the accompanying tour in 2002. Excellent concerts, phenomenal nightly aftershows. Unlike previous tours, Prince was humorous, provocative, and at times condescending on stage. During soundchecks, his biggest fans had access to the venue and he was outspoken about media outlets, the music industry, record companies, and even about people’s criticism of his decision to become a Jehovah’s Witness.
Erwin The controversial album from 2001. Point deduction for the ugly narrator voice and the sometimes cringe worthy lyrics, but how awesome is the music!
Rick The nineties are my least favorite period where Prince focused too much on staying relevant. And out of the blue, this record appears. It seems that Prince is enjoying being a musician once more and I was enjoying myself as a listener again. The only critique I can think of are the lyrics, which are a bit too religious for my liking, but the music more than makes up for that.
Prince - Lotusflow3r (

Prince – Lotusflow3r

13. Lotusflow3r



Bram Finally a ‘real’ album again! This is what I sometimes miss with his later work: coherence. That feel of a complete album. The songs on this album are all in the right place. The production is luscious (not the album cover by the way). I do think that Lotusflow3r is a bit snowed under by the package in which it was offered. Shame. So very distracting. Anyway: it turned out to be a great guitar record with many great moments. Therefore I would like to mention the fantastic ‘air guitar’ moment Wall Of Berlin especially for myself. What a joy!
Edward And even more later material from the 00 years. Lotusflow3r was finally a blissfully consistent guitar album again and is characterized by a mixture of guitar rock, psychedelia, and to a lesser extent funk and jazz. The instrumental From the Lotus… which starts off the album, with prominent guitar work, serves as a prelude of what is to come. Boom, Colonized Mind and the cover Crimson And Clover are all psychedelic rock songs. The Hendrix references are all over the place, also in Wall Of Berlin and Dreamer. Some funk is also added with $ (Money) in which Maceo Parker is blowing mighty a horn. Prince’s singing voice refers to his former alter ego Camille on this track. A pretty cohesive album and therefore in this list.
NB: only concerns the Lotusflow3r CD, not the electronic I’m-doing-my-best-here-enormously-to-recreate-the-80s-yes-I-still-have-my-LinnLM1-is-it-coming-alive?-no-huh?-damn! MPLSound.
Leon As far as I am concerned, MPLSound should have never left the vault, but Lotusflow3r has become better over the years. A bunch of kick-ass guitar tracks that really matter with my favorite being Dreamer.
Rick This one is high on my list. During the making of my top 15 I realized that Lotusflow3r found my CD player a lot. The other albums in this box set MPLSound and Elixir not so much. But this album is a good listen: consistent, good songs and some great guitar work on Dreamer for instance.
Prince - Prince (

Prince – Prince

14. Prince



Leon With this album it was really clear… .this is a genius… a superstar in the making. I Wanna Be Your Lover, masterpiece… to this day instantly delivers a good feeling… especially the instrumental piece. And one of my all-time greatest guitar songs: Bambi! Wow, the potential he is already showing here.
Vincent Prince’s second album and full of R&B songs. This album contains one of Prince’s favorite songs for me, Bambi, a great guitar song with a great solo at the end. The song does especially well when it was played live by Prince. Favorites: Bambi, I Wanna Be Your Lover, With You, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad.
Prince - N.E.W.S. (

Prince – N.E.W.S.

15. N.E.W.S.



Erwin Four songs lasting 14 minutes each. It sounds like a gimmick, but it isn’t. Musicianship at the very highest of levels. The result of a day of jamming at Paisley Park. This happened to be recorded and released. To realize that this was just another day at the office is astounding!
Leon This is really meant for die hard fans, an instrumental and experimental album. Musicians do what musicians do, from the heart. I enjoy it, don’t play it often because you really have to sit down for it. Eyes closed, lights dimmed and let yourself get carried away.
Rick This CD contains just four tracks of 14 minutes each. Yes I’m a fan of Prince his jazzy side. During my visits to Seville I played N.E.W.S. and C-Note many times. Sitting on the rooftop with a beer watching the sun go down and NEWS playing in the background. Slowly getting ready for some tapas and another long night of partying in Seville.


Interpretation and justification

So, there it is: the 15 best Prince albums according to the A Pop Life Panel. Of course, there are things to be said about the list.

Prince - 15 best albums - Graph Results (

Graph Results

Number of nominations

Out of 50 albums (all official albums + live albums + compilations, released before April 21st, 2016) a total of 33 were nominated. What stands out is that both the 1970s and the 1980s have a 100% score, followed by the 2010s, 2000s and the 1990s.

Decade Total Nominations Percentage
1970s 2 2 100%
1980s 10 10 100%
1990s 13 7 54%
2000s 18 10 56%
2010s 5 4 80%

The high score of the 1980s was to be expected, but the relative high score for the 2010s is a surprise.

Number top 15

The top 15 changes the outlook. Not a single decade scored a perfect 100%, although the 1980 came close: 90%, followed by the 1970s, 2000s and 1990s. The 2010s are not part of the top 15.

Decade Total Nominations Percentage
1970s 2 1 50%
1980s 10 9 90%
1990s 13 2 15%
2000s 18 3 17%
2010s 5 0 0%

The top spot is no surprise, but the fact that the 2000s ended before the 1990s is. The difference is very little though. Surprisingly enough, not a single entry from the 2010s entered the top 15.


As can be seen in the complete list below, the numbers 1 to 3 really are undisputed. The difference between the number 3 and 4 is 11 (!) points. Of all the 33 nominated albums, only 5 were mentioned by all list providers. These make up the top 4 and number 7 of the combined list.

Of all the A Pop Life Panel members, 87% of Bram’s and Erwin’s nominations ended up in the top 15, followed by Edward (73%) and Herman, Leon, Rick and Vincent (67% each). Each member sees his personal top 6 in the top 15. Vincent’s personal top 6 is in the top 6 of the combined list. Rick’s personal top 4 is exactly the same as the top 5 of the combined list.

Europe vs US (

Europe vs US

Europe vs the US

Given prior remarks on A Pop Life articles like “Europeans and their Parade/Lovesexy, how European is the top 15? Very much, I suspect. Generally speaking the European most favorite period runs from Purple Rain to Lovesexy (including The Black Album), for Americans it runs from For You to Purple Rain. And yes, this is somewhat of an exaggeration and of course there are exceptions, but it’s the picture that is painted based on remarks and comments.

Well, how about the points for these periods? The table below illustrates the score based on the European and American (US) preference. The ‘Absolute’ points are awarded to one party, as opposed to the ‘Weighted’ which awards the 100% points to one party and 50% to the ‘opposing’ party. The only exception is Purple Rain, as it falls into both the parties’ preference periods.

  Absolute   Weighted
Album Points European American   Points European American
Sign O’ The Times 90 90     90 90 45
Around The World In A Day 85 85     85 85 43
Purple Rain 84 84 84   84 84 84
1999 73   73   73 37 73
Parade 58 58     58 58 29
Dirty Mind 54   54   54 27 54
The Black Album 44 44     44 44 22
Controversy 34   34   34 17 34
Prince 19   19   19 10 19
Total 541 361 264   541 452 403

The list preference is most definitely European, as evidenced by both methods of calculation, which is understandable as the list is compiled by Dutch Europeans. But, let’s be real, what does it really say? Of course nothing much, because the methods are, to say the least, a bit crude, but still it is remarkable. It has been stated before on A Pop Life, but there will be an article in the foreseeable future about the difference in preference and what may the cause for that.

The complete list

For everyone that just can’t get enough, below the complete list, sorted by the number of points, year of release and song title, can be viewed. Click the text below to show the complete list.

The individual lists

All lists come with personal commentary, remarks and memories. All lists are enclosed below. Click on one or more lines below.

Original Dutch texts translated by their respective authors.
A special thank you goes out to Edward who spent a lot of time on the individual translations and correcting errors and or typos. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The A Pop Life Panel also a top 5 of the least favorite Prince albums. The result can be found in the subarticle Prince – The 5 least favorite albums!. We know that there are people out there who think (or are convinced) Prince has never recorded a bad song in his life. Should you be one of those people, don’t read the subarticle Prince – The 5 least favorite albums!.

In closing

A Pop Life Panel

Just as with our previous A Pop Life Panel articles, we had a great time compiling this list. My sincere thanks to all involved!

Of course we are curious about reactions, remarks, compliments and your opinions. Use the comment form at the bottom of this article and get in touch. It truly is highly appreciated!

We have plans to publish more of this kind of articles in the future. Should you have wishes or suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Please be so kind as to report them by clicking the mail icon on the A Pop Life Panel page.

This story contains an accompanying video. Click on the following link to see it: Video: Prince – The 15 best albums!. The A Pop Life playlist on Spotify has been updated as well.

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    • Sam on 04/24/2021 at 10:12 PM
    • Reply

    I personally don’t think Lotusflow3r album scores higher then some of Prince other albums defo ‘For You’ Princes debut album should be higher in the top 15

    1. Thanks for your reply! Of all the panel members only one named For You. Personally, I didn’t nominate either one, but I rate Lotusflow3r higher than For You.

    • David on 04/24/2021 at 10:15 PM
    • Reply

    Why isnt Diamonds and Pearls and the symbol album not on the list at all

    1. Hi David, thanks for your reply. Personally, I hate Diamonds And Pearls, but none of the panel members nominated those albums. It’s all a matter of taste and preference, but both Diamonds And Pearls and O(+> saw Prince trying to keep up with current music, instead of just drumming to his own beat, which he luckily restored on Come and The Gold Experience. Just my two cents, of course.
      Thanks again for taking the time to respond, it is truly appreciated!

    • Sam on 04/24/2021 at 10:32 PM
    • Reply

    I personally don’t think Soft and Wet and I’m Yours solo can be ignored. Classic Prince tracks for the soul heads.

    1. Hi Sam, song wise I agree, but I guess the panel didn’t think it was enough to nominate the entire album because of it. I, for one, don’t think so. I shouldn’t speak for the other six.

  1. Hi Sam! As Erwin said, it is all down to personal taste. I do love Prince’s first album, but not as much as I love the ones on my list, which I chose because, to me, they work better as albums. I am with you on your song favourites of For You; I’m Yours and Soft & Wet are both on my playlist of favest Prince tunes ever.

  2. Hey David, I think, if I know my fellow panel members a little, that these two albums are not on this list as we’re all around the same age, and were not big fans of how Prince incorporated rap into these albums. I am huge hip-hop fan myself, so to me, it felt a bit like a cop-out, after having dissed rap on the Black Album, then having a rapper in the band.
    For me, the other reason neither of these albums made my list, is that even though parts of this era were brilliant, esp the Act II tour, a big part of it all felt very… commercial, esp D&P.
    But, as said before; it’s all down to personal taste; a lot of songs from both albums are on my favest Prince songs ever list; but the albums as they are do not flow as natural as others, mainly due to Jughead and The Flow.
    I am very grateful for them featuring Sexy M.F., Gett Off, Damn U, And God Created Woman and Money Don’t Matter 2 Night, all favourites.

Compliments/remarks? Yes, please!