Altın Gün – On


Artist Altın Gün
Album On
Year of release 2018


Altın Gün (

Altın Gün


On August 26th, 2017, I was at the Amsterdam zoo Artis with my family. It was the last Zoomeravond of the season. During the summer the zoo is opened until it gets dark every Saturday. On this closing night the music was performed by Altın Gün.

Because my wife is from Turkish descent, she was all excited for the coming show, without even hearing anything. I was intrigued. The band supposedly played a mix between psychedelic rock, Turkish folk and current influences. It turned out to be true, but what stood out (for me) was just how funky the band sounded. The rhythm section was good, tight and danceable. Great!

According to their own biography bass player Jasper Verhulst got fascinated by the Turkish sound of the 1970’s. Music in those days was highly influenced by Western psychedelica and rock, but kept one foot firmly in the (rich) tradition of Turkish (folk)music. The band was formed with musicians who previously had played with Jacco Gardner and Jungle By Night. The band was complemented with two Turkish musicians who would provide vocals, but also brought along the Turkish string instrument called the saz.


Altın Gün – On (

Altın Gün – On

So when the band announced that they were going to release an album, I had to have it. Amsterdam based recordstore Concerto delivered the album on April 6th. Unfortunately, the cd-presentation which takes place later today, is completely sold out.

But, the album is here. And it is nice, very nice indeed. Once again I notice how funky the music is. The funny thing is, I recognize a lot of the songs. Relatively speaking, I hear a lot of Turkish music and am very pleased with it. The real classical Turkish music is not my cup of tea, but a lot of the (better) modern music I like very much. Sezen Aksu has become a favorite of mine.

A lot of the melodies are well-known. The only song I can’t hear anymore is Halkalı Şeker. I have heard it way too much. But the rest of this album is very nice, warm and funky. This will get a lot of airplay in our home.

Highly recommended!


  • Tatlı Dile Güler Yüze
  • Kırşehir’in Gülleri
  • Goca Dünya
  • Halkalı Şeker
  • Caney
  • Şad Olup Gülmedim
  • Cemalım
  • Çiçekler Ekiliyor
  • Kaymakamın Kızları
  • Şeker Oğlan


The band consists of the following musicians from Amsterdam:

  • Ben Rider: guitar
  • Erdinç Ecevit Yıldız: keyboards, saz, vocals
  • Gino Groeneveld: percussion
  • Jasper Verhulst: bass
  • Merve Daşdemir: vocals
  • Nic Mauskoviç: drums

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Best Kept Secret

On Friday June 8th, 2018, the band is scheduled to play the Dutch Best Kept Secret Festival. See them, if you have the chance!


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