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Romanthony (

Don’t worry
I won’t hurt you
I only want you to live in the future

© Romanthony – Countdown 2000


On May 31st, 2000, I bought R.Hide In Plain Site by Romanthony, someone I wasn’t acquainted with at the time. I don’t remember why I bought it, but I am sure glad I did. A look back on the album Romanthony’s career.


Romanthony was born as Anthony Wayne Moore on September 5th, 1967. He grew up in New Jersey where he learned playing the guitar at a very young age. In his teens he heard (electronic musician and house pioneer) Tony Humphries and got hooked to dance. Romanthony turned into an acid garage producer in New Jersey (at the time the garage movement’s Mecca). He founded his own label, Black Male Records, at the beginning of the 1990’s. Among the earlier releases were songs like Make This Love Right, Floorpiece and Let Me Show You Love, in which he presented himself to be an extraverted showman. Romanthony had some success on a local scale, but he wasn’t nationally known. But, in Europe his name was gaining interest, particularly due to the release of a number of (compilation) albums:

  • Romanworld (1997)
  • Instinctual (1999)
  • Live In The Mix (1999)
  • R.Hide In Plain Site (2000)
Romanthony - First three albums (Romanworld, Instinctual & Live In The Mix) (

Romanthony – First three albums (Romanworld, Instinctual & Live In The Mix)

But Romanthony is probably best known for his contributions to the fantastic second Daft Punk album Discovery on the songs One More Time and Too Long.

On November 7th, 2012, he released the last piece of music he contributed to: Kris Menace’s 2Nite4U.

Somewhere in May of 2013 the following post was posted on Facebook by Romanthony’s sister:

My baby brother Romanthony AKA Anthony Moore passed away 7 May 2013 at his home in Austin TX. Our family is shocked with grief. A memorial service is being planned for a future date.

Romanthony died because of complications of a kidney disease, he was just 46 years old.

Not much is known about Romanthony. He seemed to have been married and he did have children. He liked to create a kind of mystique around him. In part because of his distrust of reporters and interviews, but also because of his desire to keep his private life private.

R.Hide In Plain Site

Romanthony - R.Hide In Plain Site (

Romanthony – R.Hide In Plain Site

On April 18th, 2000 R.Hide In Plain Site was released by Glasgow Underground, a compilation of separate songs. R.Hide In Plain Site is the fourth (and last, unfortunately) studio album by Romanthony.

The album is filled with electronic music clearly influenced by house, but also by R&B and funk. Particularly Bring U Up sounds very organic and could have been recorded by James Brown and band in their heyday. The entire album swings and grinds, highly recommended!

Following the release Na of R.Hide In Plain Site Romanthony went on a short promotional tour that brought him to London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Norway, amongst others. He performed with a live band and he played guitar and provided vocals. Remarkable, as his music on record was largely electronic.


All songs written, produced and performed by Romanthony.

  • Countdown 2000
  • Bring U Up
  • Luv Somebody
  • Feel Ya Lovev
  • Wreck
  • Down 4 U
  • Floorpiece
  • Count Da Ways
  • Body Language
  • ? $ Luv
  • Faraway


All music and vocals by Romanthony, helped by:

  • Regina Sharpe – drums
  • Sean Willis – keyboards
Romanthony (



At the time of his passing, Romanthony collaborated with producer Boys Noize. Boys Noize:

Romanthony and me were working on such an amazing song together… He said it was the best song he had ever written. Romanthony was a big inspiration for many djs of us. his voice was the most touching in House music.

And of course a tribute by Daft Punk (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo):

We met him at the 1996 Winter Music Conference and became friends. What’s odd is that Romanthony and Todd Edwards [who is featured on the “Discovery” track “Face To Face”] are not big in the United States at all. Their music had a big effect on us. The sound of their productions — the compression, the sound of the kick drum and Romanthony’s voice, the emotion and soul — is part of how we sound today. Because they mean something to us, it was much more important for us to work with them than with other big stars.

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