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Prince releases the fine album Come (and nobody seems to care)48
Lovesexy: Prince's crowning achievement38
30 years ago, the best show I ever witnessed37
Prince is victorious (once again) with Sign O' The Times30
The best Australian songs24
Frank Sinatra's forgotten masterpiece Watertown18
Prince - N.E.W.S.14
Prince and the name change13
Prince - The 25 best live bootlegs!11
New photo’s Prince & The Revolution Live 198611
Jill Jones, one of the best Prince satellite acts11
Get the funk up! Prince and Batman: crown time is over?10
Prince and the failed movie adventure, the story of Graffiti Bridge10
Prince, top 50, numbers 10 to 110
The birth of the best song of all time: When Doves Cry10
What Time Is It? The Story Of The Time9
Prince 1958-20169
Vanity 6: sex sells, or something more?8
Prince - The 15 best albums!8
Sylvian & Sakamoto release the beautiful Bamboo Houses & Bamboo Music!8
Lost and found: my Prince necklace8
5 years ago I witnessed Prince live for the very last time, in Antwerp7
30 years ago, the most special show I ever witnessed7
Prince satellites, top 107
Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See6
RIP, John Blackwell6
The Smiths release their second masterpiece: Meat Is Murder6
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)6
Jesse Johnson - Verbal Penetration6
The Family, the ultimate Prince satellite project6
At long last Prince’s The Gold Experience is released!6
The Clash top themselves with the stunning Sandinista!6
David Bowie 1947-2016 & Low and "Heroes" 40 years old6
Queen and fascism: the Jazz album6
Prince live in 1990, the story of the Nude tour6
Prince releases 2 albums in one day: PLECTRUMELECTRUM and ART OFFICIAL AGE6
Prince at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: the guitar solo5
Killing Joke - Revelations5
1999: Prince on his way to the top4
Prince - Google's most searched guitar solo4
Prince - The 15 best guitar solos!4
Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove4
Prince makes his debut: For You4
In 1979 Crass release their ultimate statement: Stations Of The Crass4
The most hated album in jazz: Miles Davis' On The Corner4
One Nite Alone... Solo piano and voice by Prince4
Mark Hollis 1955-20194
Prince - One year later...4
Quiet Life: Japan changes direction4
The live album by Siouxsie And The Banshees: Nocturne4
The Manor Sessions: The Cult travels from Love through Peace to Electric4
Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel Of Love4
Prince and 3121, the real comeback?4
Crass - How Does It Feel4
Prince - The Lotusflow3r three album set4
The musical inspiration from my father (by guest author Timur)3
Prince is alone for Christmas, Another Lonely Christmas3
Crass became ambitious in 1982: Christ - The Album3
Emotional Rescue, the forgotten Rolling Stones album3
Parliament - Flash Light3
Prince - Crystal Ball / The Truth / Kamasutra3
Grace Jones and the influential Nightclubbing3
Simon And Garfunkel - The Concert In Central Park3
Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream3
Madonna - Ray Of Light2
Madhouse: Prince and jazz2
New Order - Blue Monday2
The Sound and the superior From The Lions Mouth2
Prince 1958-2016: 5 years later2
James Brown: A Funky Christmas!2
U.K. Subs - Crash Course2
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - The Live Anthology2
Prince and North Sea Jazz in 2011: three unforgettable nights in Rotterdam2
The Waterboys introduce 'the big music' on A Pagan Place2
Prince - Emancipation2
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones2
Grease is the word2
Prince - Motherless Child2
Closing of 20182
Mandrill - Composite Truth2
Kiss solo albums: Ace Frehley2
Prince -The 15 best remixes!2
Fleetwood Mac after Rumours, the only way is Tusk?2
Van Halen's third album slams: Women And Children First2
Album top 50, numbers 50 to 262
Prince creates psychedelic funk on Around The World In A Day2
Mayte also releases an album, Child Of The Sun2
Thank you all!2
My 10 favorite soundtracks2
Live Aid, the day the world cared (and wanted to see music)2
The 10 best Michael Jackson singles2
Prince reaches the top of the world with Purple Rain, the album, the movie and the tour2
The Black Album: Prince gets funky2
Aart Staartjes 1938-20202
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus2
Prince & The Revolution overwhelm The Netherlands2
Prince - C-Note2
Japan - Obscure Alternatives2
Prince, top 50, numbers 25 to 112
Roy Ayers - Coffy2
Without Eno Roxy Music makes the album Stranded: their best?2
Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage still up to date2
FM op 5, Prince & A Pop Life2
The best Rolling Stones singles2
Van Hunt debuts2
Underworld - Beaucoup Fish2
The best live albums2
Rick James and the classic Street Songs2
The musical answer to 9/11: Bruce Springsteen's The Rising2
The Gun Club's superb The Las Vegas Story2
Sinatra At The Sands2
Donny Hathaway - Live2
Roxy Music and the superb Viva!2
Black Album (by guest author Edward)1
Bruce Springsteen: 70 years old today!1
The Fatal Flowers were back, for a short while. The story of the best band coming from Holland!1
Andy Allo debuts on NPG Records with Superconductor1
Prince releases his second album, the first real hint of what's to come?1
Merry Crassmas1
Bob Marley And The Wailers Live!, the best live album of all time?1
Zapp, revolutionary electro funk pioneers1
The best ABBA singles1
Lianne La Havas (by guest author Timur)1
School-journey, plaster and Fats Domino1

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Prince - Deliverance10
Prince - Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe Edition6
Prince - The Rainbow Children4
Prince - Piano & A Microphone 19834
Prince - 1999 Super Deluxe Edition4
Emancipation? No, thank u!2
Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded2
Prince And The Revolution - Live2
LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady Sessions2
The Cure: 35 years of Faith2
Neil Young - Hitchhiker2
A Christmas Gift For You2
David Bowie - Serious Moonlight (live '83)1
The Family Stand - Moon In Scorpio1

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In Memoriam: Prince 1958-20161

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The Rolling Stones, 05/18/19906
The Revolution, 02/10/20194
The Fatal Flowers, 01/17/19872

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News: Sign O' The Times | Remastered & Expanded1

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Album decade list 2010-20192

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Prince's second movie: Under The Cherry Moon9
Prince - The spaghetti controversy!2
Prince tries to control the damage: the big 1985 Rolling Stone interview2
Prince And The Revolution - Parade Tour Book2
Prince and the fantastic Parade Tour2

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Video: 5 years ago I witnessed Prince live for the very last time, in Antwerp2
Video: Frank Sinatra's forgotten masterpiece Watertown2
Video: Prince and the failed movie adventure, the story of Graffiti Bridge2
Video: Prince is alone for Christmas, Another Lonely Christmas1
Video: Get the funk up! Prince and Batman: crown time is over?1
Video: Deee-Lite's Groove Is In the Heart1

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