Strongest & best-known band & artist logos


Generally speaking, bandnames are usually strong enough for recognition. Some bands and/or artists even have a logo, which is so strong, that they can suffice with using just their logo. Their logo’s are instantly recognizable. Many of these logos are registered trademarks and are just as ‘legitimate’ as the official artist- and/or band-name.

This article shows 22 logos: an image which (very) clearly identifies who or what is behind the logo.

The logos are divided up in logos with and without lettering. Logos with lettering can not contain the bandname.


Most known band/artist logos (without lettering)

The strongest band/artist logos are the ones without lettering.

The first 11 logos are just images, which are used on many released items by the respective artists.


Do you know them (all)?

Logo Bauhaus (

Logo Crass (

Logo Deadmau5 (

Logo Kraftwerk (

Logo Motörhead (

Logo Nirvana (

Logo Prince / O(+> (

Logo Public Enemy (

Logo Radiohead (

Logo Rolling Stones (

Logo Simple Minds (


Most known band logos (containing letters/abbreviations)

Somewhat less strong (for their use of letters, but immediately recognizable anyway. The following logos contain abbreviations or other lettering hinting to the band and/or bandmembers.

Do you know them (all)?

Logo ABBA (

Logo Dead Kennedys (old-fast-and-loud.blogspot)

Logo Nine Inch Nails (

Logo Public Image Ltd (

Logo Pixies (

Logo Queen (

Logo Rammstein (

Logo Ramones (

Logo Smashing Pumpkins (

Logo Van Halen (

Logo Weezer (


In closing

Do you know any other (band/artist) logos, which are equally strong, or even stronger?
Let me know and I will add them to this article.


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