Prince – Dirty Mind – Reviews, press & interviews

Prince - Dirty Mind - Reviews, press & interviews (

Dirty Mind, the album and the tour, were lauded by the press. In Europe also, where Prince played his first 3 shows in 1981. A collection of press clippings.

Prince – The Gold Experience – The reviews

Prince - The Gold Experience reviews (

How was The Gold Experience received by the press? Pretty mixed it seems. Read the collection of international reviews here on A Pop Life!

Prince – The Gold Experience – Press & interviews

Prince - The Gold Experience - Press & Interviews (

Before the release of The Gold Experience, O(+> had a lot to say and held a number of interviews. The press also tried feverishly to make sense of it all. An overview.

Prince – Theatrical trailer for the movie Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge - Movie opening sequence (

This article contains the trailer for the movie Graffiti Bridge. The trailer was made for movie theaters all around the world.

Prince – Graffiti Bridge – The reviews

Prince - Graffiti Bridge - Reviews (

A vast collection of reviews for Prince’s Graffiti Bridge, the album and the movie. The press was fairly postive on the album, but destroyed the movie.

Prince’s second Rolling Stone interview, 1990

Prince - Rolling Stone interview 1990 (

In 1990 cracks had started to surface in Prince’s image. Time for another interview, once again with Neal Karlen. A great and beautiful timeframe of Prince, once again, at a crossroad in his career.

Live Aid in the Dutch press

Live Aid - de Volkskrant 07/12/1985 (

Live Aid was the ultimate live event in the 1980s. A lot was written about it, in the Dutch press as well. A small selection of publications in 1985.

Prince – Nude Tour Book

Prince - Nude Tour Book (

Prince’s 1990 Nude Tour also spawned a tour book. For the first time Prince looked back, in writing also. The scans of the beautifully designed tour book!

Prince – Nude Tour – The reviews

Prince - Nude Tour - Reviews (

Prince’s 1990 Nude Tour received heavy press coverage. No unanimous praise this time, but disappointment and admiration went hand in hand. A selection of reviews.

Prince – Nude Tour – Television reports

Prince - Nude Tour - TV coverage (

The Nude Tour has generated quite some televized fragments, This article contains five news items that can be shown. Three from Holland, one by MTV and one from Ireland. Happy viewing!

Prince – Around The World In A Day – The reviews

Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day reviews (

Five contemporary reviews of Prince’s seventh album Around The World In A Day, which was released on April 22nd, 1985. Mixed reviews on a superb album.

Prince – The MTV interview

Prince - Interview MTV 1985 (

At the end of 1985 MTV aired the first ever video interview with Prince. The pre-selected questions were asked by his manager Steve Fargnoli. The question remains whether or not Prince made the right decision in releasing this interview.

Prince tries to control the damage: the big 1985 Rolling Stone interview

Prince - Rolling Stone Interview 1985 (

In 1985 Prince started to receive a lot of bad press. Next to writing songs about it, why shouldn’t he tell his side of things? And so he did. The story behind the 1985 Rolling Stone interview.

Prince – The spaghetti controversy!

Prince - Spaghetti commercial (

In 1985 Prince the pasta company aired a commercial that played into the Purple Rain mania surrounding Prince. His management was not amused. Prince thought it was funny.